What We Learned Against Southern Miss

We are now going to compare our keys to victory with what actually happened in the Knights 17-6 defeat at the hands of Southern Miss.

Five most important things for UCF:

1. Pick up the blitz. The Knights offensive line and running backs did a much better job at picking up the blitz this week, and UCF gave up just one sack for three yards.

2. Catch the football. Catching the forward pass was once again a problem for the Knights receivers. One can only attribute it to a lack of concentration.

3. Throw the football accurately. Freshman Rob Calabrese started the game off well, hitting on six of his first eight throws, then after being the victim of a few drops he became inaccurate.

4. Avoid putting the defense in a worse situation than the previous drive. The Knights had only two turnovers and the defense benefitted from defending long fields. Unfortunately, the Knights had trouble getting off the field on third down as Southern Miss was 9 for 21.

5. Show up for the second half. The UCF defense did the best they could to hold on, but the offense did virtually nothing in the second half as they racked up just three first downs, two of which coming at the end of the game when the outcome was already decided.

What to look for:

1. Look for the Knights to find a way to lose. UCF certainly lost, but they didn't give the game away, they lost to a more talented team.

2. Look for multiple RB's to play. The Knights played three running backs, but Brynn Harvey received seven of the nine carries to RB's.

3. Look for sacks galore. The teams combined for six sacks, five of which came from the Knights. The UCF offensive line did a much better job this week.

4. Look for the Knights to come out hot. UCF had quite possibly the best drive of the season on their first possession as they went 91 yards for a touchdown.

5. Look for a better crowd this week. The announced attendance was 41,652, but there was likely about 5000 more people in the crowd this week than a week ago. It's good to see UCF fans show up even though the offense hasn't given them much to cheer about.

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