QB Controversy Over at UCF

The Knights have been flip-flopping at the quarterback position seemingly all year long as they've gone from junior Michael Greco, to true freshman Rob Calabrese, with a very small amount of Joe Weatherford mixed in. It appears that they have landed on a starter.

In Tuesday afternoon's press conference, UCF head coach George O'Leary eluded to the fact that the giant wheel of quarterbacks at UCF would be landing on freshman Rob Calabrese to be the starter throughout the next three games.

"Rob Calabrese has to be the guy who has to be the quarterback from the standpoint of the whole package," O'Leary said. "That is what we will see in the next three games."

Calabrese has been erratic at times, actually most of the time, as evidenced by his 41.4% completion rate and his sub-80 quarterback rating. Still, he is the best pure passer on the team and the coach likes a few things that he's seen.

"The quarterback situation is that they're both really freshman, that's the way I look at it," O'Leary said. "Rob is disappointed in some of the throws he could've made that he didn't make, but he's throwing to the right guy and you'd like to make some of those plays."

So where does that leave Michael Greco? The often athletic, yet more often erratic quarterback is now relegated to backup duties after starting and playing well for a half against ECU. The second half didn't go so well as Greco couldn't move the offense at all and turned the ball over several times late in the game and in overtime, which may have sealed his fate.

"I think Michael's there and he'll get his opportunities if needed, but Rob needs to see more and stop pressing," O'Leary explained.

According to Coach O'Leary, the true freshman, Rob Calabrese has the higher upside and the physical tools to play quarterback. The coach believes that nerves have hampered him somewhat—

"Rob needs to see more and stop pressing. I think that's what he does. On quarterback draws he's making them look like dives instead of holding the linebackers and letting them get some depth. I think that comes with not a lack of effort, but with pressing a little bit. That's why very few freshmen play QB at this level."

From here on out it appears that it is Calabrese's job to lose, and maybe the newfound starting role that he has acquired will take some of the pressure off him, being that he doesn't have to look over his shoulder. The effort is there and the talent is there, it's time for the Knights starting quarterback to translate that effort and talent to on field results.

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