What We Learned Against Marshall

InsideKnights.com will now compare our keys to victory with what actually happened in UCF's 30-14 upset victory at Marshall.

Five most important things for UCF:

1. Run the ball.
The Knights certainly did that as they gained 213 yards on 65 rushing attempts. The health of the running game helped the Knights to dominate time of possession.

2. Catch the football. The Knights didn't do that. UCF wide receivers had another nightmare of a day as they dropped more passes than they caught.

3. Throw the football accurately. Freshman quarterback Rob Calabrese played much better than his 4-17 completion numbers would suggest.

4. Force turnovers, lots of turnovers. UCF forced four turnovers in the game and the Knights scored 20 points off those turnovers.

5. Show up for the second half. The Knights came out after halftime and never relinquished the lead. They stressed "pride" and they certainly came through.

What to look for:

1. Look for the Knights to find a way to lose. No chance on this day. The only way UCF would lose this game is if they went out of their way to do so and they certainly didn't do that.

2. Look for Smokin Joe to heat up the offense. Burnett didn't play any offense, and the Knights didn't need him to.

3. Look for the Knights offense to score in the second half. The UCF offense scored 10 second-half points. Anything is possible.

4. Look for Joe Burnett to have a big game. Burnett didn't have a great statistical performance, but he held Marshall's top wide receiver, Darius Passmore to just one catch for five yards.

5. Look for Brynn to have a nice game. Brynn Harvey had a fantastic day as he ran for 150 yards on 33 carries including a 50-yard touchdown scamper that sealed the deal for the Knights.

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