UCF vs UAB: Final Preview

Our final preview of the matchup pitting UCF against UAB including the five most important things for UCF and what to look for.

UAB Blazers vs UCF Knights
Saturday, November 29th, 2008 1pm EST
Brighthouse Networks Stadium- Orlando, FL

UCF 4-7, UAB 3-8

Series History: 5-0 last meeting: UCF won 45-31

Five most important things for UCF:

1. Run the ball. 24k busted out for 320 last year versus the Blazers, so this is a defense that's susceptible to giving up plenty on the ground. Although we don't expect Harvey and Co. to accomplish that much success it will be the key to the Knights ability to score.

2. Take advantage of mistakes. Although the Knights offense hasn't improved a whole lot, the one thing they have done the last two weeks is capitalize off great field position. The D is likely to force at least one turnover and the Knights need to take advantage and cash in with points.

3. Catch the football. They did a great job of this last week, but can they do it two weeks in a row? I wouldn't bet on it, but anything is possible.

4. Stop Joe Webb from running. UCF has a tendency to struggle with legit dual threat qb's. Joe Webb can and will run if a lane is open.

5. Grab an early lead. Webb has 16 INT's to just 10 TD's on the season. If the Knights can force UAB to pass, the secondary should have a field day.

What to look for:

1. Look for the Knights to finish the season on a high note. They are improving each week, and are fresh off two big road wins, UAB at home shouldn't be a huge obstacle.

2. Look for Aiken to make a difference. He appeared to break out of his funk last week, and has the athletic ability to make a big difference.

3. Look for Harvey to get 25+ touches. He is healthy now, and is by far the Knights best back. They will look to the ground game early and often in this contest.

4. Look for 'Smokin' Joe to have a monster day. In the last game of his collegiate career Joe Burnett will want to go out on top. He is as tough as a competitor as it gets and he will find a way to make a difference.

5. Look for Calabrese to get the large majority, if not all, the snaps. Greco was moved to 3rd on the depth chart due to injuries, and Weatherford doesn't offer anything that UCF doesn't already have in Calabrese, and Calabrese has a much higher ceiling. Unless Calabrese has a terrible stretch, he will play the entire game.

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