Exclusive Interview with New Knight Robinson

After months of holding their breath, UCF faithful can breathe a deep sigh of relief after Josh Robinson announced where he'll play next season. Josh Robinson chose UCF and talked exclusively with InsideKnights. Some of the topics we discussed include striving for a starting job, injuries, and more.

Robinson, a three-star corner from Plantation H.S. (Fla.) made his commitment to UCF public after choosing the Knights over Michigan, USF and FIU, amongst other schools that offered him.

"It came down to a gut feeling in my stomach," Robinson told InsideKnights.com "When I first visited UCF, I was thinking I'd be going to USF, but as soon as I got on campus something felt right in my gut. They never promised that I could play early or would e a star, the coaches set they could guarantee that I'd get my degree and that honesty is something that meant a lot to me."

Robinson chose UCF for several reasons aside from the honesty of the coaches, with playing time and the opportunity to follow in the foot steps of Joe Burnett as of the more prevalent ones.

"I feel like I can make an impact like Joe did and build on that. The ability to come in and play early though and build on what Joe did helped. It's great that I'll have the chance to start and take my game to the next level so early."

However, Robinson knows that a starting job wont be handed to him and that he'll need to work hard to get his shake at replacing Burnett and fellow senior Johnell Neal.

The 57th ranked cornerback hurt his knee in earlier this season and missed five games because of it. He has begun rehab and is expected to be back to full strength soon.

"It's football, sometimes you'll get injured. You either break, bend or get better. I bent, but I feel now that I'm getting better and I realized I can't do some of the things I did in high school. I can't play basketball on the street, I'm still human and I have to take care of myself."

Because of various injuries that Plantation suffered this year, the team struggled but he said that shouldn't have really affected his stock, as many assumed it did.

"People are going to talk. When healthy I produced and I know I'll get back to where I was before I hurt my knee."

Robinson should be recovered before he heads to UCF, which may or may not be in the spring.

"I'm still debating that," said Robinson. "I have the option to go in for spring, which is the most important thing. If I do go during spring though, I'll be entering late and that makes for a tough transition."

Robinson is a multifaceted player with blazing speed (4.4 40 with 4.3 potential) and is also extremely physical, something that he says shouldn't surprise people.

"I think some people are surprised when they see a fast guy hitting, they think they usually like to shy away from contact, but not me. I love contact, I tell people to come at me high, that's why I love playing on defense."

Robinson is expected to play right away for a defensive backfield that is losing all of its starters. While it will be a challenge, Robinson said he's ready to make am immediate impact.

"I've had teammates commit to Miami so that will be great to play against them next year. That's what is great about UCF, you get to go against top talent and I always dreamed for playing for a big school and I think UCF is getting there."

With high expectations for Robinson this upcoming season, he said he's ready to take his game to the next level as a Knight.

"I've been told that if I practice well and compete to the level coaches think I can then I can play right away. I have to play to my potential, but I'm ready to help out and to make an impact."

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