"I See Myself Going There"

Nico Flores didn't have the senior season he wanted, but he learned an invaluable lesson this year and one he will take with him wherever he goes to college. We talked with him and gained some valuable insight.

This spring, Nico Flores and North Miami Beach H.S. (Fla.) beat the defending national champions Miami Northwestern 25-0, setting up extremely high expectations after going 12-1 in 2007.

However, North Miami Beach never established momentum and possibly let press clippings go to their heads.

"We got a little big headed after we beat Northwestern this spring," Flores told InsideKnights.com "We had some key injuries and had a young offensive line. They stepped into their roles as the season progressed but it just was a little too late."

The Chargers finished 6-5 after being eliminated in the first round of the 6A playoffs against Cypress Bay.

"We wanted to finish strong and I think we executed on offense but I don't think we executed on defense, what can I say," added Flores. "Everything happens for a reason and it was a learning experience."

So what exactly did the three-star quarterback learn from the disappointing season?

"I feel I gave effort, but I didn't give all of my effort. When we got down I didn't give my teammates confidence and that's a mistake I'll never make again. Even if we are down by 57 points I will be rallying my teammates until the very end."

With Flores' season over, he will turn his attention to recruiting and will begin taking visits this week.

Flores said that he will be visiting Western Michigan this weekend. He also has tips planned to UCF on January 9th and FIU on January 16th.

According to Flores, those three schools are his favorites, with one standing out above the others.

"Central Florida is still on top," said Flores. "Western Michigan and FIU are also real high. Boston College isn't amongst my favorites anymore, I want to go to a place where I can make a difference."

Flores went on to reiterate UCF as his favorite.

"I see myself going there."

Flores watched UCF nearly pull off upsets against USF and Miami earlier this year and said he loves what he saw.

"Their defense was great. Joe Burnett is my boy and I don't even know him. I'd love to meet him, but I don't think I'll get to. They put themselves in third and long a lot and the offense just didn't really get the job done from what I can tell."

Flores, who is being recruiting by Coach Kelly, not only thinks he can make an impact early for the Knights, but loves the honesty of coaches above anything else.

"I see that they're real, they don't lie. They are honest and told me the one thing they can promise me is an education. I won't go to a big school just because it's a big school, education comes first for me so that's important."

Flores will make his rounds before making a decision, but his comments thus far bode well for UCF fans, who'd love to see this strong armed quarterback decked out in white and gold.

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