UCF State of Recruiting: Quarterback

With the season officially over and two months until National Signing Day, it's time for UCF fans, coaches and media alike to turn towards recruiting. Who will be a Knight? Who will the team lose out on? Find out where UCF stands at every position on our "State of Recruiting" series. Today we'll discuss quarterback.

Current position outlook: Quarterback play was unbelievably inconsistent this season. The Knights started the season with junior Michael Greco, settled on true freshman Rob Calabrese and finished with red shirt freshman Joe Weatherford. Injuries plagued Greco for most of the season while the inexperienced Calabrese struggled to adjust to the new level of play, although numerous drops by receivers didn't help any of the quarterbacks.

Calabrese still seems to be the quarterback of the future for UCF, but he will have to show some improvement to help UCF get better offensively.

Redshirt freshman L.D. Crow will also be in the mix in 2010. He was a highly touted quarterback in Florida when he signed with Stanford but transferred to UCF recently. He could vie for playing time in a couple of years.

Number of players UCF will likely accept: With two freshmen at the position (three if you count Crow) the Knights really don't want a log jam at the position. Look for UCF to take just one quarterback, if that.

Potential commits-

Leader(s): Nico Flores- With just one player that the Knights will likely bring in, the clear favorite is Flores. The three-star quarterback from Miami has a big arm and has gone against elite competition. He has the Knights at the top of his list and UCF seemingly has him on top of theirs.

Second Options: Donny McElveen and Kolby Gray- McElveen comes from the South Carolina powerhouse Summerville, and Gray has performed well in Texas. Both are dual-threat players who can throw and run. Gray is starting to garner interest from the likes of Pittsburgh and West Virginia and hasn't really announced any favorites. UCF has a decent shot at McElveen, but it's not clear on how interested the school is in him.

Dark horses:
Denard Robinson, Aaron Murray- Robinson has been offered as a quarterback by UCF but also by Florida and West Virginia. Florida will likely never lay him there, but Robinson might get sucked into that promise. He likes UCF, but not enough to fend off the Gators. Murray broke his leg this year and InsideKnights.com heard from a source very close to the program that Murray might get his scholarship pulled. How true this is, who knows, but if that happens the Knights would be waiting with open arms for this talented Florida star.

How we see things playing out: Flores is likely the guy for UCF. He has the raw skills to push the current quarterbacks and can be molded into a very good player. The Knights aren't really going after any other top prospects that heavily, so Flores seems like the perfect fit and he loves UCF. It's a perfect match that should probably happen.

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