Big Day at UCF

It will be a historic day for the Knights football program Tuesday. Find out what is going on.

On the heels of the All Conference USA selections Tuesday, the C-USA postseason awards will be named at noon today. Knights defensive backs Joe Burnett and Sha'reff Rashad were named as first team defensive selections and Joe Burnett was first team all C-USA as a kick returner and punt returner. Other Knights all C-USA selections were left tackle Pat Brown (second-team offense), defensive linemen Torrell Troup and Bruce Miller (second-team defense), linebackers Derrick Hallman and Lawrence Young, and defensive backs Johnell Neal, and Jason Venson (honorable mention defense), and running back Brynn Harvey and long snapper Charley Hughlett earned all-Freshman team honors.

It is likely that Burnett could be named C-USA special teams player of the year of defensive player of the year.

In other news, rumors were swirling a week ago about the possibility of Knights head coach George O'Leary stepping down, and those rumors were squashed by O'Leary at his end of the year press conference.

"One thing, people that know me, is I don't leave things undone," O'Leary said. "Anywhere I've been I've always finished what I set out to do. That's what I intend to do at UCF. There's probably a lot of speculation from people that want me to retire, but they're not going to get their wish... I think that's just natural when you get into your 60's. 'Is he going to hit the links? What's he going to do?' There's some unfinished business I want to get accomplished. I've expressed that to everybody that I have to answer to and I intend on getting that done. Whatever I have to do to get it done. I'm one that's not shy about making changes. I'm not shy about doing the things we need to do to win if I think that's what's necessary. I'm going to really evaluate exactly what I think is the problem and then make a decision based on what I think is best for the program."

As strong as the rumors were a week ago, they are running even more rampant in recent hours as freshman running back Brandon Davis had to be admitted to the hospital last week following his collapse during a weightlifting session.

This was the statement made by the UCF athletic department:

We became aware on Thursday that Brandon had a serious medical condition that had developed during the course of the Wednesday workout.

To our knowledge, the workout was a rigorous out-of-season workout and, according to staff, not atypical of a college football conditioning session.

While Brandon has been in the hospital recuperating we have been in personal contact with him and his father each day since his admittance.

At this time, we are continuing to collect facts regarding the conditioning session, speaking to its participants and learning more

Sources tell us that UCF could part ways with O'Leary as early as today.

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