Vote of Confidence

With speculation floating around in regards to Coach George O'Leary's job security at UCF, the higher ups at the university made a strong statement about their faith in O'Leary at today's press conference.

UCF President John C. Hitt began the day's press conference by making a convincing statement, giving Head Football coach George O'Leary a strong vote of confidence.

"Let me just say before we begin the formal press conference as planned, that because of a lot of speculation that's out there, that I feel it worthwhile to say that George O'Leary is our coach today and will be tomorrow and will be next season," said Hitt.

The press conference was called to talk about the situation that occurred with Brandon Davis last week when the freshman running back collapsed during a workout after suffering severe kidney failure. Amidst Davis falling ill, other speculation in regards to O'Leary's job status at UCF also began.

These rumors were shot down though very quickly, as A.D. Keith Tribble followed Hitt's statements with an even greater show of unwavering support.

"I want to make it perfectly clear that George O'Leary is our football coach," said Tribble. "There are rumors, I usually don't respond to rumors because they are just rumors. There are rumors that I have had contact with other coaches. Integrity is important to me and that is absolutely false. I have not contacted any coach or will not contact any coach about this position because I have a football coach and that is George O'Leary."

Hitt and Tribble also announced that UCF will be bringing in a third-party to help analyze UCF's training regime for student athletes. This outside member will be Michael S. Glazier, who has an extensive background in dealing with college athletics, although Hitt was adamant in that UCF would not be a victim of NCAA infractions.

O'Leary also spoke at the press conference, as he touched on the Brandon Davis situation along with the speculation about him potentially losing his position as UCF's head coach.

"I think it's important that you understand, I am very hurt and puzzled over the allegations that have occurred whether I've read or heard over the past week," said O'Leary. has sources regarding the status of head coach George O'Leary that refute these statements made today by the President and Athletic Director, and we stick by those sources.

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