UCF State of Recruiting: Offensive Line

With the season officially over and two months until National Signing Day, it's time for UCF fans, coaches and media alike to turn towards recruiting. Who will be a Knight, who will the team lose out on? Find out where UCF stands at every position on our "State of Recruiting" series. Today we'll discuss the offensive line.

Current position outlook:

With Patrick Brown the only starter leaving, the Knights will have a lot of players back for the 2009 campaign. UCF's line was inconsistent this past year, but players like Adam Nissley, Jah Reid, Mike Buxton and Nick Pieschel will now have more time to gel.

Throw in some very talented players that were redshirted last year like Steve Robinson, Chad Hounshell and Jarien Moreland, and the Knights should have some stellar depth along the line.

Number of players UCF will likely accept:

The Knights have already added three linemen to the '09 recruiting class in Evan Swindall, Renato Cunha and Samuel Johnson. All three are fairly strong commits, although Johnson might be a little less strong of a verbal than the others. Depending on talent that might be interested in UCF, the Knights could potentially add one or two more recruits to the class.

Potential commits-

Leader(s): Obviously Swindall, Cunha and Johnson top UCF's list for potential commits. Currently verbals, the three form a nice group as Swindall is as technically sound as they come, Cunha has nice size and Johnson is a very raw player with an extremely high ceiling.

Another player who has shown interest in UCF is three-star tackle Kwame Geathers from South Carolina. He is a massive prospect (6'5", 320 lbs.) with some very strong offers, but he has UCF amongst some of his favorites.

Second Options: The Knights likely won't reach for any prospects because they have already added so much talent to the roster. If UCF's top choices don't pan out, the team likely won't add anyone else.

Dark Horse(s): Rumors about Johnnie Farms potentially de-committing have surfaced. How true those rumors are yet we're not sure of, but if he does, UCF will be right up there for his services. Duran Christophe is another big name, but he seems destined for Louisville or N.C. State.

How we see things panning out:

While there is some concern about Johnson wavering, all three current commits should be inked come February. The Knights could make a push for Geathers but we see him going to an SEC school, possibly South Carolina. Farms is a possibility but a long shot and a lot would have to go right for the team to land him. With all that accounted for, we see UCF bringing in just the three current commits, although anything can happen in the next month or so.

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