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Tis the season to be jolly. wishes all a happy holiday season and to help emphasize the holiday spirit, we have accumulated a staff wish list. Hopefully Santa has been paying attention.

Dear Santa,

We know we haven't been everyone's favorite and some might say we've even been naughty, but we've meant well. For that, we don't expect every gift to be delivered from the following list, but we do expect something other than coal.

For those who don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to add these wishes to any list you'd like; as long as you're down for UCF football, it's all gravy.

Here's what we hope you can bring us in regards to current players:

-We'd love to see the quarterback situation resolved. Rob Calabrese showed potential in the beginning of the season but didn't progress the way coaches really wanted him to, prompting affairs with both Michael Greco and Joe Weatherford. Our first wish is for Calabrese to build on his signs of progression and become the best quarterback at UCF since Daunte Culpepper.

-If you can, help Emery Allen play like a giant. Allen is listed at a generous 5'9" but he usually plays bigger than that. Allen is as technically sound as they come but he will have to be huge in every sense of the word for UCF. The Knights are losing every starter of a very experienced secondary and the back four will be the only question mark in regards to the team's defense. Allen will be asked to be a leader for UCF and if he steps up, the secondary may not be too big of a concern at all.

-Also, we'd love it if Brynn Harvey doesn't suffer a sophomore slump. Harvey really came on late in the season, but we've seen great players hit the wall as a sophomore. Please let him improve, not digress, as a sophomore. We're confident he will, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

-PLEASE give the receivers some confidence. They have the ability to catch the ball, but it's in their heads now. Kamar Aiken has monster potential, please help him out with this. We'd ask for a pair of hands but we know they have it in them, just give them a hand; their confidence is shaken but they can do it.

Of course, what would a football Christmas list be without recruits? Here's our recruit wish list for this holiday season in no particular order:

Denard Robinson, quarterback, Deerfield Beach, Fla.- Robinson is a playmaker, something the Knights offense has been lacking. Just put the ball in his hands and watch what he can do with a dynamic Harvey behind him. UCF isn't far off from landing him, but we might need some luck here. Chance of landing: Low-moderate.

Mike Gillislee, running back, DeLand, Fla.-He's a UF commit but this is a wish list, we are certainly hoping we get what we want. Gillislee is an explosive athlete and is open to potential suitors. If things break right, who knows what can happen. Chance of landing: Moderate.

Andre Debose, wide receiver, Sanford, Fla.- The Gators are favorites for this blue-chipper as well but again, this is our wish list. The Knights are more in the race for this guy than any other Seminole senior. He's a dynamic play maker (as Miami Northwestern will attest to) and this is a case of keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle. Chance of landing: Low.

Kwame Geathers, offensive tackle, Carver Bay, SC.- A big and dominant tackle, what program wouldn't want that? He has some impressive offers but UCF is in the mix. So far, this is the most realistic prospect on the list. He's a big guy too Santa, come on and help out. Chance of landing: Moderate.

Frankie Davis, defensive tackle, East Ridge, Fla.- We knew he'd be good after taking a look at his offer sheet, but after seeing him in person, you can really see that this kid has potential. All he does is create havoc in the backfield. He is big, strong, and extremely fast for his size. Chance of landing: Very good.

Jon Bostic, linebacker, Palm Beach, Fla.- This guys has been off UCF's radar for a while and vice-versa. However, our wish is you put him back on the radar screen because this is a local guy who is no blip. He is one of the best players in the nation and would be asset to any team. Chance of landing: Very low.

Alvin Hines and Brian Jackson, safeties, Ala.- Two of the top players in Alabama, they are both solid players and project as prototypical safeties at the next level. UCF is right in the thick of things for Jackson and Hines could also have some love for the Knights. Chance of landing: Good.

Nico Flores, quarterback, North Miami Beach, Fl.- UCF could use some extra competition and Flores has the raw potential to become an excellent quarterback. UCF is in the mix for him right now, but maybe you could help out; it couldn't hurt anyways. Chance of landing: Very good.

Thanks Santa and we hope you pay attention to us. Best wishes and see you soon! staff

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