UCF Coaches Play Musical Chairs

The recent coaching changes at UCF, or should I say the lack there of, leave many questions about the program and it's future.

The addition of new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Charlie Taaffe should help out the most inept offense in the nation, but is it really enough to just have different plays that will be poorly executed?

The offense the Knights ran in 2008 was far from complicated and they showed little, if any signs of improvement. The only two areas that showed any signs of life by the end of the season, were the offensive line and the running game behind Brynn Harvey. So logically it would be a prudent decision to try to keep O-Line coach Tom Freeman, for the job he did despite having only one player start all year, in left tackle Pat Brown. Former offensive coordinator Tim Salem has done a great job of working with the running backs and helped Kevin Smith improve tremendously in his time at UCF, and assisted Brynn Harvey improve in his freshman season. So the justification in moving Salem to a special teams coordinator and a tight ends coach is somewhat mysterious. Removing Salem of his offensive coordinator title was a solid decision, but why move coaches to positions where they don't have experience?

George Godsey played quarterback at Georgia Tech and has coached quarterbacks here at UCF, so obviously he was the logical choice to replace the void left by Salem as running back coach? This move is just inexplicable. Godsey, whose lone experience and expertise is in the area of signal callers, has failed to develop a solid quarterback in his time at UCF, but yet the Knights now trust him with the running backs, a position that has been a bright spot at UCF for several years. The void left at quarterback coach will be another role taken on by Charlie Taaffe. This is a solid choice, as Charlie has great experience at this job from Maryland and Army, and has had success at producing solid division one QB's. With current San Francisco 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill being his star pupil, Taaffe has proven his ability to develop signal callers.

The last change was to move former special teams coordinator and tight ends coach Brent Key to the offensive line. This move actually makes the most sense of the entire coaching rotation, as the Knights have had a major problems with special teams, aside from Joe Burnett's contributions. The move to offensive line coach would be a logical one because Key played guard at Georgia Tech for four years.

Again, the Knights failed at executing a basic offense in 2008. To make things more complex on offense and not change anything else seems to be a recipe for failure. The talent is virtually the same, as most of the nation's worst offense returns and we don't foresee a bunch of freshman starting next year.

Obviously Coach O'Leary knew he had to make some changes after finishing with only four wins and the 119th ranked offense, but it appears as though he is insulting our intelligence. The only logical explanation for how these changes could have been reached was that he told all the offense coaches that Taaffe was the new OC and QB coach and that the rest of the positions would be decided with a game of musical chairs.

Unfortunately for Coach Freeman, he was the odd man out. It seems to be inexplicable how moving coaches that fail at coaching a position they have knowledge about to a position they are unfamiliar with is a good way to improve a team.

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