Best Recruiting Class Ever?

UCF put together a stellar group of players to make its 2009 class the best in the conference. The Knights brought in an unprecedented amount of speed, size, and overall athleticism. With 24 commitments, we break down where this class ranks amongst some of UCF's past classes?

It's hard to really measure a class in terms of stars and player ratings. It's even more difficult to determine how the players and the stars attached to them will translate to the football field. To top that, it's really a crap shoot when you try to figure how all these players will develop in four years.

That being said, the purpose of the star-system and the rankings attached to players is to gauge the raw potential each player has. So in terms of raw potential, UCF has the most to work with out of any team in the conference.

The Knights class ranks 56th in the nation, which is tops in the Conference USA. In fact, UCF has a higher rated class than 13 BCS schools as well as traditional BCS busters, TCU and Boise St. There's no doubt that with 24 members in the class and several blue-chip players amongst those commits that UCF has a talented class, but is this the best class UCF has ever compiled?

Coach George O'Leary was reluctant to dub this year's class as the best ever or even the best under his watch, but he was enamored with the speed and athleticism of the '09 class.

"I think every year we've recruited a better class," said O'Leary. "When I first got here, the next class kept beating out the class in front of it. This is the first year that I've had 10 seniors and nine of them kept their jobs. I think each year the competition gets better. It's hard to say who's better, who's worse, but I think from a bulk and speed standpoint that we did better this year than the year before."

Amongst the Knights' top rated recruits are Jonathan Davis (four-stars) and Josh Robinson (three-stars.) Both are explosive defensive players that can vie for immediate playing time, and O'Leary was clearly smitten with both players during the signing day press conference and for good reason.

"Yeah I've seen him, he's what we recruited," said O'Leary in regards to Robinson. "I think he's an exceptional athlete that has fit in right away chemistry wise. He's definitely going to be a kid that I'm anxious to see in the spring and see where exactly he can help us out. He reminds me a lot of a guy that's graduating; Joe Burnett. I know it's a pretty good comparison, but they're very similar when I watch him move and everything else."

O'Leary also stated how impressed he was with Davis and his ability to play as a contact player.

In all, the Knights landed seven three-star players (not including Leon Woods, who will go the JUCO route) and one four-star in Davis.

Does this combination of depth and top talent make UCF's 2009 class the best ever? Prior to this year's class, 2008 was considered the best ever when UCF landed five three-stars, including Moose Robinson and Jarvis Geathers.

There are still those who are reluctant to name 2009 as the best class UCF has ever seen, but the numbers are difficult to disagree with. The school has never before seen this combination of size, speed and straight up ability from top to bottom. To add to things, the Knights are in the running for four-star tackle, Kwame Geathers, who will be making his decision within the next week and maybe earlier.

Again, it's difficult to make predictions on how stars will translate into success four years from now, but it would be a challenge to look at this class and not be impressed at its overwhelming talent and depth.

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