Brandon Marshall Showing Commitment

Just because many of your UCF football players graduate and move on, it doesn't mean Inside Knights stops covering them. We refuse to leave anyone behind and InsideKnights editor Charlie Bernstein was forced to track Brandon Marshall halfway across the world to Hawaii at the Pro Bowl to find out what's going on with him.

Knights fans are well aware of the awesome athletic exploits of former UCF, current Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall. In the past nine or so months, Marshall's career has done a 180 degree turn as the dynamic receiver went from knucklehead to elite.

After his offseason injury which forced him to have surgery on his arm, Marshall came into camp determined to prove naysayers wrong and be the best at his craft. 104 receptions and 1,265 yards later, Brandon Marshall finds himself in Hawaii getting prepared to play in his first Pro Bowl.

"It's just an honor to be out here with the best of the best, Marshall said modestly. "I like being able to take it all in, I've got my family by my side throughout this whole process, and it's an honor and I'm just taking it all in."

Marshall showed great commitment to his craft to become one of the NFL's elite receivers, and he also showed a different kind of commitment this week as he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

"I was at the pool deck with my father and my mom, and I went around and told everybody how special they were to me, and I went to her and told her how special she was to me," Marshall said proudly. "I basically asked her if she'd marry me and she said yeah. I told her my feelings and how much I love her."

Brandon denied displaying any waterworks, but he did speak about the future Mrs. Marshall getting emotional.

"When my mom and her got together, some of the emotions came out and she was really sick and couldn't eat," Marshall joked.

Regardless of whether his AFC team wins or loses, Marshall will leave Hawaii and winner and new man. He did mention that the extra $15,000 to each member of the winning team is already pretty much spent.

"It's a pride thing, at the end of the day we all want to go home healthy," Marshall replied when asked how important a victory on Sunday would be. "We want to have a fun game, an entertaining game, and a lot of what's brought a lot of people out here so we want to get that big check so we can pay for all our guests."

Brandon credits UCF for helping him achieve what he has thus far in his career, and is still a regular around campus.

"I'm down there working out at UCF this offseason, and I'm just trying to get back to tip top shape," Marshall said.

If Marshall is out of shape, it certainly isn't noticeable, as he appeared to be pretty chiseled in his Pro Bowl fatigues.

"I'm definitely heavy right now, but that's what the offseason is for, to get back in shape, and do some good things," Marshall said.

Brandon Marshall has been doing good things ever since the start of the season, and that's expected to continue throughout the next several years of his NFL career.

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