2010 Positional Recruiting for UCF

With the 2009 recruiting class nearly in the books (UCF is waiting to hear from one more player), it is time to start looking towards 2010. Who will the Knights need to replace, what positions will they target? Find out these answers inside The Round Table in our three part series on 2010.

We will start with offense and what positions UCF will go after. Before we dive into that though, let's look at the numbers and where the scholarships will go.

On offense, UCF is projected to lose very little. This will be the final season for Rocky Ross and Corey Rabazinski. Both players figure to be crucial clogs in the Knights' passing game and both will be missed at the end of the season. The only other offensive player that UCF is slated to lose is Ian Bustillo on the line.

Defensively, UCF will be losing a lot amongst the front seven. The biggest losses will be Torrell Troup and Travis Timmons at defensive tackle. Both have been huge for UCF and will be sorely missed. The Knights will also lose Jarvis Geathers to graduation and if he continues to improve at end, that could be a blow. T.J. Harnden and Brian Timm will also be lost up front.

Chance Henderson and Corey Houge will also be graduating, so that will leave two holes amongst UCF's starting linebackers. Jordan Richards and Alex Thompson will also be graduating this year. Emery Allen and Michael Greco will also be leaving in the secondary.

Those are 13 contributors that will be leaving after this year. UCF will likely look to add roughly 20 scholarship players to this class, give or take a couple depending on some grey-shirt situations.

With this in mind, here are the scholarships that we see UCF looking to add at each position:

Quarterback (1)- There are no foreseeable losses and UCF will have four to six players at the position coming back in 2011. Still Coach O'Leary likes competition at any position and it can never hurt to red-shirt a player to develop.

Runningback (2)-
Again, no big losses, but in 2011 a majority of UCF's backs will be juniors. With that in mind, bringing in a couple of players to either contribute or redshirt will be huge so there is no drop off in talent down the road, especially after adding just one back with a history of grade issues this past class.

Wide receiver (2)-
Ross will be gone and no receiver has stepped up yet other than him and Brian Watters, who will be a senior. There is a lot of depth at the position, but with Leon Woods going to JUCO-land, UCF might be a bit thin at receiver in a couple of years. The Knights would absolutely love to add a couple of playmakers in this class.

Tight end (1)-
Losing Rabazinski will hurt, but UCF has a lot of youth at tight end. The Knights have added some passing catching specialists as of late, so the team could look for a Mike Merritt type of player here.

Offensive line (4)-
There is a lot of good young talent on the line, but every coach in the nation knows that you want to constantly restock the up front. The team is starting to redshirt linemen consistently, so depth is a must.

Defensive end (2)-
Geathers will be gone and it's difficult to tell where Darius Nall will be. The Knights added Victor Gray and Brandon Bryant this past class and Deon Simon could play either end or tackle. Gray may not be an every down player and Bryant is a project, so UCF will probably target some guys who could immediately contribute.

Defensive tackle (2)-
The Knights added tons of depth with this pass class. However, the team doesn't want to leave the cabinets bare down the road. A big guy to clog the middle and a ‘tweener like Simon could be likely targets.

Middle Linebacker (2)-
With Henderson gone, UCF might have to rely on some inexperienced guys to fill his place. This will be a high priority for the team, as the Knights could possibly look to aim high and go after a blue-chip type of player.

Outside Linebacker (2)-
Lawrence Young and Derrick Hallman should guarantee that the unit doesn't drop off too much, but both will be seniors by this point. Guys like Troy Davis and D.J. Williams could be ready to step up when they are gone, but the coaches would love to add some players for depth and competition.

Cornerback (2)-
This was a focal point for UCF this past class and the Knights added potentially five corners to the mix. Bringing in players to redshirt behind this year's class will guarantee depth for years to come.

Safety (1)-
Jonathan Davis should be a cornerstone for years to come and Vance King also has the potential to be a very good player. This likely won't be a huge need, but one player could be brought in.

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