Lake Mary Pipeline for UCF

Lake Mary High School has produced some excellent defensive players in years past and the trend is continuing this year as well, as UCF has already offered one player from the local school. See what Lake Mary's head coach has to say about his program and the player UCF covets.

Keith Rivers was a first-round draft pick this past April by the Cincinnati Bengals. Demi Thompson signed with USF, but also had offers from UCF, Cincinnati, Purdue, Ole Miss, N.C. State and other BCS conference schools. Andrew Rice currently holds an offer from UCF and many more are on the way. What do all of these players have in common? They all are elite players from Lake Mary, which is right in UCF's back yard.

Rice looks to be following in the footsteps of players like Thompson and Rivers, as he has begun to attract a lot of attention from other schools. According to Rice's head coach, Scott Perry, UCF is his only offer to date, but that could change very soon.

"UCF is his first, but I know many more are coming," Perry told

Rice has the size and versatility to play either defensive end or tackle at the collegiate level, as he weighs 260 lbs. and stands at 6'1". When talking about the difference between Rice and Thompson, Perry specifically mentioned Rice's size.

"Demi and Andrew both run to the ball with reckless abandon. They chase down running backs from the other side of the field and have good motors. Demi is a bit taller and leaner, Demi could be a linebacker. Andrew is a pure lineman, tough, thick build and strong as an ox."

Perry also said that Rice's greatest strength was his high energy and technique.

"His motor, getting to the ball. He plays low, is tough to block and uses his hands well."

With defense being a staple at Lake Mary over the past decade, Perry expects more of the same this year and knows that he will need to rely on Rice to spearhead the defense.

"Our defense kept us in many games last year. In 2009 I expect our tenacious defense to continue to do the same. Our offense will be much improved, we ran a spread style of offense for 4 years now, but last year we tried a variation that didn't work out as expected. Again, we will be much improved in 2009. Andrew will have to be a leader on the defensive line. He also might need to play some offensive line as well."

As of now, Rice is open to any school and location may not be a huge factor. Rice will team with the ultra productive receivers Peter Donnelly and Joel Gonzalez, as well as cornerback Tevin Archer, who is a bit undersized but was one of the best defensive backs in Seminole County this past year.

Rice will be able to show off his skills at UCF's Junior Day later this week, as he is planning on attending.

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