A Team of One at UCF

If you don't know by now, Jermaine "the Beast" Taylor is one of the best players in the land of college hoops. He is easily the best player the Knights have ever had, and possesses enough talent to be a first-round pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Logically the Knights have leaned on J.T. to help them win this season, but has it gone too far?

The Knights have slowly started depending on Taylor more and more, and the point distribution has gone from bad to abominable. The Knights now seem to lean on J.T. not just to take over games, but to takeover every play offensively. The high motion offense has turned into four players joining the half-full UCF Arena crowd in watching the J.T. show. It is a good show, and J.T. is always worth the price of admission, but the team was a lot more effective when they were not solely based on one man.

It is not necessarily a bad thing that they rely on Taylor, as he shoots a high percentage from the field (49.5%) and is capable of scoring in bunches. However, relying on him more does not mean the other players should stop executing, and it doesn't mean they should stop running the offense and solely look for J.T. No player has enough talent to do it all themselves, five against one is not the battle the Knights want to fight.

The complete absence of scoring distribution is something that has Coach Speraw concerned.

"Other guys have got to step up", Speraw said. "I felt other guys were just looking to where Jermaine was running to."

Coach Speraw is clearly not the only one who is upset. Jermaine Taylor is sick of losing despite his monumental efforts, though he refuses to take it out on anyone and remains the consummate leader throughout it all.

"It was good to get 45, but not good enough," J.T. said distraughtly. "It would have been better to get the win."

The Knights have three games left before the conference tourney and the likelihood of post-season play is getting bleaker and bleaker with each mind-numbing loss. If the Knights want to dance in the big tourney, they will have to win the conference tourney and the inability to beat Rice at home gives one little confidence that this team can make it past their first game. J.T. is an extreme talent, it is just sad to see this Dwayne Wade like athlete, face the same fate as Wade has on the hapless Heat.

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