The Atypical Signal Caller

This prospect is one of the top signal callers in the state of Florida for the class of 2010. He possesses a rare combination of athleticism and a stellar arm capable of making all of the throws. He is also a proven winner. So why have the offers not come rolling in for this dynamic quarterback? One word--size. InsideKnights spoke with him and found out where UCF fits in.

Marshyl Rothman stands at just 5'9", 165 lbs., but possesses the heart of a champion, which he has put on display the last two years. As Jupiter Christian's (FL) starting quarterback, Rothman has led his team to back-to-back state titles and an impressive 22-1 record. He was a first team All-State selection, and claims a GPA over 4.0 in the classroom. If you aren't convinced yet that Marshyl is a special player, all you need to do is listen to his own words.

"Just look at my record," Rothman told "I am a winner; I want to win at everything I do."

Rothman is doing everything he can to make up for what some would perceive as a glaring weakness of size. He is going to several junior days and combines all over the country, and continues to strive to get better. He is not oblivious to his primary criticism, as he responded when asked about the weaknesses in his game-- "Size, but you can't work on that."

Rothman is still awaiting offers as all he holds right now is a verbal offer from Georgia Southern, but he is hoping that UCF will come through.

"I would love for them to offer," Rothman stated emphatically. "My junior day visit there went pretty well."

So what would it take to land this exceptional quarterback at UCF? The Knights have yet to offer Rothman as they have limited scholarships, but Rothman would certainly relish the opportunity to play at UCF. Rothman also has a very good relationship with teammate Will Powers, who also attended UCF's junior day.

"Will and I are in the same boat as far as height goes, but we are both winners, and both have over a 4.0 GPA," stated Rothman confidently. "If someone were to offer us both, we would award them."

Powers is also an extremely talented and productive high school player, most likely projecting as a running back. Rothman does not lack confidence in himself as a player and a leader.

"Wherever I go I want to win a National Championship," Rothman said confidently.

He didn't just state this just once, he kept repeating it. Rothman is a born winner with tremendous athletic ability. You can't teach his will to win. So what if he doesn't stand over 6-feet, he can throw on the run to make up for the lack of size, and has a quick release. There is no doubt in his mind, or little in anyone else's after talking to him, that he is a special player, and will succeed wherever he goes.

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