UCF Aims for Another Diamond in the Rough

It's safe to say that things didn't go well for Cameron Fordham last year. His team finished winless and he struggled with an illness through the year. UCF sees a ton of potential though in the big athlete and he seemingly is high on the Knights as well. Find out what he likes about UCF.

Last season, Cameron Fordham was far from in top shape for his Northview (GA) team. Fordham had to battle a bad case of mono and without his consistent presence; his team went 0-10.

"I had mono last season and it really slowed me down," Fordham told InsideKnights.com. "I missed two games because of it and I had to leave a lot of games early too. Right now I weigh 235 lbs., but at one point I went down to 220. I feel real good now and I'm looking forward to being 100-percent this spring."

This will be a huge spring for Fordham and his Northview squad. After a winless season, the team has a new coach and a new attitude.

"We are planning on working real hard this season. I feel that we'll be improved. We will work this spring on getting new plays down and getting comfortable with one another. We need to get that swagger back and need to just get that first win."

Standing at 6'4", 235 lbs., Fordham has excellent size to play tight end, defensive end, or linebacker at the next level. With sub 4.7 speed, he can create mismatches all over the field, on either side of the ball.

"As a tight end, I feel I have good hands and am pretty athletic. I'm fast, I'm a good blocker and I never give up in the run game. On defense, I am always fighting to get to the ball. I moved from linebacker to defensive end in our third game last year because our two starting ends got hurt. I feel more comfortable there than I do playing linebacker at the next level."

Fordham said he doesn't care what position he plays in college, as long as he can help his team out. UCF has offered him as a tight end though and he could see himself snagging catches for the Knights.

"UCF is definitely one of my top schools," added Fordham. "I love coaches and the facilities there."

The talented athlete visited UCF during Junior Day last weekend, and not only did he come away impressed, but he also left with an offer.

"Right now, UCF is my only offer but I just sent out new film, so I'm expecting some more offers soon. I have received letters from Auburn, UCONN, Tennessee, Alabama and pretty much everyone else in the Southeast."

With the Knights towards the top of Fordham's list, there is a lot he likes about the university.

"My recruiting coach is Coach Keys. I love him. We talk almost every week, either by phone or Facebook. He's down to earth and knows the tight end position real well. I'm also getting along with Coach Rubio and Coach Collins real well too."

According to Fordham, he is looking for a good university with top facilities, a good staff he can bond with and a good campus atmosphere, which are all attributes that he said UCF has.

"UCF left a good impression on me."

Awaiting some more offers, Fordham would like to weigh all of his options before he makes a choice, but he doesn't want to wait too ling. The Knights are currently neat the top for Fordham and could very easily be the school that the versatile Georgia resident chooses, as he said he is slated to make his decision before football season starts.

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