Bernstein Blog- C-USA Tourney Edition - Day 4

Friday has come and gone, and with it so have the Conference USA Basketball Semifinals

8:55 a.m.- I wake up, and I'm feeling much better than I did when I went to bed. I'm about to go to the gym and take a shower.

10:30- I'm showered, and thus now clean and beautiful. I'm dressing down a bit today as I may do a little walking. I'm sporting the true republic jeans with a long-sleeved undershirt and a striped Armani dress shirt. It's no suit, but I still think I'm pretty fly for a white guy (please excuse the 90's cultural reference).

11:31- Va. Tech-UNC is on TV. I'm actually watching it because apparently I've developed somewhat of an addiction for college basketball. I really need to get a life.

12:05- I'm headed downtown to look for some action and souvenirs.

12:45- I found neither action nor souvenirs, but I did manage to find a good place for an authentic "Philly" cheesesteak. After eating every last bit, I'm headed to the Fed Ex Forum to watch the ends of the Va. Tech-UNC game and Michigan State-Minnesota.

1:32- Talking with some of the guys about football, getting ready to head down to the court.

2:01- I have a good spot on the court, I was heckling Houston guard Kelvin Lewis a bit after he missed a three in front of me.

2:22- I grabbed a rebound and dished to one of the Cougars assistants for a layup. That's my first assist of the tournament.

2:25- Houston is going to lose by double digits today. They don't seem focused.

2:30- Just ran into Tyreke Evans in the tunnel, the Tigers look very focused. Houston is in trouble.

2:39- Memphis has taken the court for warm-ups to a rousing ovation. Shawn Taggert is making nice with the officials.

2:57- Tulsa head coach Dav Goljcik is seated next to me. He thinks Houston has no chance.

3:35- Memphis is up 28-10, this one is turning into a laugher.

3:46- The coach next to me and one of his assistants are calling out the Memphis plays. Very interesting how the scouting works.

3:51- Halftime score is Memphis 34, Houston 22. The Tigers have dominated this game much more than the halftime score indicates. Calipari will have them ready to play in the second half.

4:12- What a group of athletes. Tigers are on a 9-2 run to start the half.

4:14- Memphis band sounds great.

4:21- The Memphis crowd is on their feet after a 17-2 run to begin the second half.

4:23- Fireworks! Robert Dozier was fouled hard going to the hole and he turned around and shoved Nick Mosely. Very unnecessary.

4:26- They called a technical foul on Mosley, unbelievable. He gets shoved and it's a T on him. Dozier hits all four free throws then Witherspoon scored. It's turning into even more of a laugher. BTW, Houston still has no field goals in the second half and only two points. There's 11:11 remaining.

4:32- Backups are in for Memphis, maybe Houston can score now.

4:48- Houston managed to put some points on the board against the backups to avoid a new record for futility in a C-USA tournament game.

4:52- Preston Laird, the short white kid for Memphis is in the game. That's how you know it's a blowout.

5:05- 74-49 Memphis, and it wasn't that close.

5:30- UAB-Tulsa about to start. I really don't have a favorite in this game. It could go either way.

5:34- Memphis assistant coaches are sitting next to me to scout this game. Should be interesting.

6:04- Competitive game, Tulsa has superior height. That height could even cause Memphis some problems.

6:17- It's halftime and Tulsa is up 31-29. Should be a great second half.

6:19- Tulsa cheerleaders are smokin' hot.

6:40- Tulsa is beginning to take control, up 36-29.

6:44- Memphis assistant asks me what I think of their team, I told the truth—I think they're going to win the national championship.

6:52- 38-35 Tulsa, game's pace is moving at that of a snail. There have been three timeouts in the last few minutes.

7:14- There are some boisterous UAB fans behind me that are constantly calling for phantom fouls. It's hilarious.

7:15- 57-50 Tulsa with 5:28 left. I think they will hold on.

7:17- I'm hungry.

7:19- Beautiful move by Jerome Jordan to put the Golden Hurricane up by eight.

7:28- Three minutes left, Tulsa is up by five.

7:41- Tulsa held on, 70-67. Good game, probably much better than tomorrow's championship will be.

8:15- I'm headed to get some food. It's raining and cold outside, but I decide to walk anyway. I discover Texas de Brazil. I always wanted to eat here.

8:52- Quite possibly the best meal of my life. The salad bar was ridiculous, as they had lobster bisque soup, sushi, cold cuts, and fresh mozzarella. The steaks and other meat were unbelievable. A little pricey, but well worth it.

9:15- I take the trolley back to my hotel. I get hit up for cash by a couple homeless guys so I threw them each a dollar. I'm not sure if they were actually homeless, but who am I to judge?

9:50- Get undressed, do a little work, then I go to the gym.

10:45- Back from the gym, took a shower, packed my bags, now I'm going to check emails and go to bed. See you tomorrow for the Memphis trophy celebration… uh the championship game.

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