Moments at the C-USA Tournament

The top AND bottom five moments of the Conference USA Tournament in Memphis

Top Five Moments of the C-USA tournament

1. The Memphis defense- This is simply the best defensive team I've ever seen. They are long, they can switch with anyone, and they challenge every shot. The players actually enjoy playing defense.

2. Memphis crowd, and the way the entire city is completely behind Memphis basketball- This is the main show in town, despite having the Grizzlies (stop laughing). Best college basketball environment I've ever seen.

3. Papa Dia- How can you not love a guy with the name Papa Dia?

4. Jermaine Taylor dunk- UCF's only highlight. Best dunk of the year for Taylor, and that's saying something.

5. Food- The BBQ to Texas de Brazil, Memphis offers some great culinary treats.

Bottom Five Moments of the C-USA tournament

1. UCF looking like the worst team in the tournament-With the Knights effort on Wednesday they wouldn't have beat SMU. A horrible way to end the career of the greatest UCF player of all time, Jermaine Taylor.

2. Southern Miss playing their hearts out and losing at the buzzer- I really felt bad for Courtney Beasley having his career end on a buzzer-beater.

3. Papa Dia only lasting for one game- The only thing more fun than watching Papa Dia is saying Papa Dia. He shall not be forgotten.

4. Cold weather- I'm a wuss when it comes to the cold. I can't handle it, I don't want to handle it. Cold weather sucks.

5. $12.95 per day internet access at the hotel- Come on Marriott! You couldn't at least spot me free access for one of the games?

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