Standing Tall for UCF

The combine in Miami on Saturday featured several big time prospects but it was one of the shortest players there that really stood tall.

Marshyl Rothman forces you to like everything you see about him on film, in interview, and on paper, but this being able to watch him live certainly did not disappoint. Rothman was slinging the ball into tight windows, with a perfect spiral. He tested out well in the few drills, despite less than adequate field conditions.

Marshyl has displayed high interest in UCF but has yet to receive an offer. He only measures in at 5'8" but his drive and desire to win are second to none, and this was put on display with his refusal to accept the numbers he was generating doing over drills four and five times.

Perhaps the most impressive attribute about Marshyl's game was his footwork. It is flawless. He has great mobility and his footwork allows for a quick release which helps him compensate for the lack of size. Marshyl was clearly the best quarterback in attendance, in group that featured stars like Michael Strauss and Chris Rapka. He was both the best athlete of the group and displayed the best arm. Not only was his arm big, but it was also extremely accurate.

With UCF moving to a spread offense under Taaffe, Rothman is the ideal quarterback to run the offense. He is mobile and a proven winner. He simply does not lose, at any level, at anything he does. Whether it is his 7 on 7 team or his high school team that has won back-to-back titles under his leadership. He has the arm to get the ball there.

The Knights have had more prototypical sized quarterbacks on their roster in recent years and the results have been nil. Perhaps a non-prototypical sized winner could make a difference.

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