UCF has a Motivated Troup

Torrell Troup was arguably the most dominant player in the conference last year, but C-USA coaches didn't think so. Troup was left off the C-USA All-Conference Team and was listed to the Second Team. Now Troup is ready to show everyone that he is the best player in the conference.

Torrell Troup's value to UCF could not be measured in just stats. Yes, he accumulated an impressive 52 tackles, 12.5 for a loss and two sacks, but the sheer dominance Troup displayed on an everyday basis was spectacular.

Facing constant double-teams, Troup made room for other teammates to make plays while also remaining productive. The 6'3", 315 lb. defensive tackle is accustomed to taking on multiple blockers though on a regular basis and he loves setting his teammates up to make plays, but he's hoping he can see some individual assignments from opposing offenses.

"I look forward to it, but I don't know if it's ever going to happen," joked Troup. "I was double teamed in high school and through college, but I'm used to it and I've gotten good at it."

Despite his knack for drawing double and sometimes triple-teams, Troup was productive through the entire season and set-up his teammates regularly to make plays. However, the massive tackle was voted to the C-USA All-Conference Second Team for his efforts, but Troup feels that he should have gotten a little more love from C-USA coaches.

"Honestly, I feel shafted, but it's just motivation for next year. The coaches didn't vote me first-team, so that means I have to prove something to them, actually I wasn't in the backfield enough to make first-team, so I just have to show them."

Troup acknowledged that a little extra motivation might be a scary thought, seeing as he was destructive in conference play.

"It's going to be scary. You're going to see a very dominant player."

George O'Leary has been impressed with Troup over the past several years but still thinks he has some work to do.

"He's a good football player," said O'Leary, who loves the way that Troup works and takes to coaching. "He has to continue to work to get better with pass-rush skills and hand-usage and stuff like that. You either get better or worse, you don't remain the same. I think Torrell is a guy that works hard every day."

Troup agrees with O'Leary's comments and knows that he needs to improve on several aspects of his game in order to take a step towards the next level.

"I agree. I have to work more on pass-rush. Also, when the center goes away from me, working on collapsing the blocker in order to protect the linebackers so they can make plays."

As Troup continues to work on his game, he expects the same effort from his teammates and he likes what he sees from his fellow Knights on both sides of the ball.

"It's early. We're making a few mistakes, but we're going to get it together. We're pretty tight-knit and are just trying to get everyone on the same page."

When asked if he was planning on relaxing during the weekend, Troup smiled and shook his head.

"Na, I'm going to go hit the weight room. I don't have time to waist; I have just nine months to become a great dominant player."

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