Plenty of Pro Interest for Former Knights

The UCF campus has been a busy place for NFL star-gazing of late, as there have been plenty of scouts, head coaches, and front office personnel over at the Knights facilities. Inside Knights has the skinny on what teams are interested in corner Joe Burnett, and a visit for offensive tackle Patrick Brown.

UCF held its pro day last Thursday, and Inside Knights would have given you the inside report except for we weren't allowed, and neither was any other media outlet. Although we strongly disagree with the coaching staff's policy on pro day media as all it does is hurt the athletes by not being able to report interest and build more hype, we understand that it's one of the necessary evil's associated with covering UCF football.

Still, we did manage to find out some of the teams who were in attendance and who is showing the strongest interest in Knights cornerback Joe Burnett. Although neither the Cleveland Browns nor the New England Patriots were in attendance at the UCF pro day, both teams have conducted private workouts with the talented Knights corner. Cleveland is desperately in need of secondary help, and Burnett would have a shot at a starting job right away.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New Orleans Saints have all taken an active interest in Burnett, as well as the St. Louis Rams who put Smokin' Joe through a series of workouts. Burnett could likely start at the nickel position at the very least on each team, and could compete for a job as a return man on all of the teams with the exception of Tampa Bay, as they have Pro Bowl return man Clifton Smith.

Joe Burnett isn't the only Knight garnering NFL interest as Pat Brown has a visit scheduled to meet with the Minnesota Vikings.

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