UCF Second Scrimmage Report

It was a Chamber of Commerce day at UCF for the Saturday scrimmage as the sunshine splashed down on the well manicured turf. The play on the football field wasn't nearly as beautiful.


The good: Joe Weatherford's arm. The redshirt sophomore threw the ball very well for the third consecutive practice as he really seemed to have a lot of snap and velocity on his passes.

"The game is definitely slowing down for me," Weatherford told Inside Knights.

More good stuff: Latavius Murray. The sophomore back showed quite a bit of burst as he was able to get into the open field on a few occasions. Murray was also able to get tough yards in goal line situations.

The bad:
Blitz pickups from the offensive line. The line struggled mightily to pick up their assignments, and were underwhelming in all areas for most of the day.

Wide receivers are still having issues catching the forward pass. Quarterback Joe Weatherford was a de-beneficiary as several of his passes hit the wideouts chests before plummeting to the ground.

The ugly:
Snaps and the handling of snaps. The Knights quarterbacks botched no less than four snaps throughout the course of the afternoon session, and several of the shotgun snaps missed by feet, not inches.


The good: The Knights defensive line was as dominant as expected, led by Travis Timmons who had a monster day. Timmons was mostly unblockable as he registered several sacks, and had many of the Knights quarterbacks running for their lives.

More good stuff: Freshman Josh Robinson blew up several plays as he did his best Troy Polamalu impression, and left an impression on all of the backs, tight ends, and receivers that went over the middle.

The bad:
Tackling was a bit of an issue, but for the most part the UCF defensive units were more than solid.

The ugly: This has nothing to do with the defense, but there was an infestation of bugs on the practice field. Luckily the bugs didn't bite, but they were plenty annoying.

Overall impressions

The UCF defense is the more dominant unit, and they should be, as they return most of the experienced players. Still, the offense is making strides and although they have struggled with inconsistency, they are miles ahead of where they were at this time a year ago.

As for the quarterback competition, Rob Calabrese has been working mostly with the first string, but Joe Weatherford severely outplayed him on this day. There will likely be no real decision made on who the Knights starting signal caller will be until after the conclusion of summer practice.

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