UCF Prospects Three The Hard Way

Tyrone Bouie and his cousin Toby Durham certainly don't have it easy. Both will be key members of a Seminole H.S. team that must fend off opponent after opponent looking to take down last year's state champions. On top of that, Bouie along with Durham and their teammate Zachery Martin have to follow in the footsteps of perhaps the most talented trio of players to ever come out of Central Florida.

Andre Debose, Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye were all rated amongst the best at their respective positions in the nation last year. Now Seminole must replace the talented trio and few think that a repeat title is possible without them, but Bouie believes that his team is well suited for another run at a state title.

"A lot of people figure that we will fall off, but we'll be stronger than ever," Bouie told InsideKnights.com. "Those guys set the tone and I think our seniors now know how to win, that's something that Andre and Ray taught us."

It's not easy living in the shadow of local legends, something that Tyrone Bouie, Toby Durham, Zachery Martin, and the other Seminoles must get used to. Bouie and his friends have each been dubbed "three the hard way" because they won't have the luxury of having four or five-star ratings attached to their names like "the trio" did.

Despite the lofty standards that have been set for him, Bouie is nothing but appreciative for what "the trio" did for him.

"I really do appreciate them for everything they've done. Scouts from all over the country have seen me play and it's because they have brought them here. They also set the tone and have tough me how to lead. Last year, we really weren't working out that hard, but this year we're working a lot harder, because guys like Andre taught us what it takes to succeed."

No stranger to the recruiting process, Bouie has already been offered by several schools (UCF, New Mexico, Purdue and Colorado State), but is reluctant to name a favorite, but for good reason.

"I want to keep my options open for everybody. If I feel I fit in better somewhere, I'll make my decision then, but for now I don't want to receive attention or turn anyone away by putting together a ‘top five' list."

There will be several things Bouie will be looking for in a school.

"Education is number one for me. If I don't make it to the NFL, I know I need a good education to fall back on. I'd like to major in something like psychology or business. I really like to help people, so psychology intrigues me."

Bouie would also like to go somewhere where he can play early, but he knows he will have to work for it.

"I'd like some early playing time, but I know I have to work hard to earn it. If I do work hard tough, it shouldn't be too difficult."

Living just over 25 minutes away from UCF, Bouie has gotten a chance to visit the campus on several occasions and has come away impressed every time.

"I go out there when I can. The coaching staff is nice and it is the only school in the state with a full-sized indoor practice facility."

Bouie has developed a tight bond with the staff, especially his recruiting coach, Coach Collins.

"He's a real cool guy. He's down to earth and I can see myself bonding with Collins. Coach Rubio is also my boy, the whole staff is just really nice."

With an immensely close bond to his cousin Durham, the two have made it clear that they'd like to play together at the next level. Both have offers from UCF.

"We are like brothers, you can't imagine how close we are. Actually, he's coming to pick me up right now. Most likely, yeah, we will be playing together next year. There's a high chance that we will go to the same school. We're also trying to get Zachary (Martin) an offer too."

It looks like one school will be in the running to get the trio, as it will be hard to seperate "three the hard way."

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