So Far, So Good for UCF Recruiting

UCF's recruiting efforts have helped them land five commits at a record pace. Even though the team is making huge strides on the recruiting front, there are some spectators that have voiced disappointment with the lack of supposed "star power" in this class, but at a closer glance, 2010 is shaping up to be pretty impressive.

Spring football has just gotten underway in the state of Florida and UCF has already filled up a record amount of commitments for its 2010 class. The latest trend of players committing early has sprinkled down to the non-BCS level and the Knights have been one of the top teams to take advantage of this latest tendency.

The Knights have five verbals already, which is by far the best start in school history. UCF has been pulling in bigger and better classes every year since George O'Leary has come to town, and the addition of Geoff Collins as recruiting coordinator last season has only helped UCF's recruiting efforts.

While UCF's blazing start on the recruiting front has certainly sent a message to football followers, there are still those that aren't overly impressed by the Knights' class. There are those who grimace and shake their heads at the lack of stars attached to the five players that UCF has already received verbals from, but there's no need to worry. The Knights have accumulated some very good prospects early on, despite the lack of national attention these players have received.

Out of all of UCF's early commits, only one has an offer from another BCS school, and that is safety Woodley Cadet, who was offered by Illinois.

Don't let the lack of big time college offers get you frustrated though UCF fans; these kids can play. Remember, it's only May! The Knights'' current commits WILL get bigger offers.

Let's start with the aforementioned Cadet. He was offered by the Knights a while ago and plays in the talent-rich area of South Florida. This young talent just flies around and makes plays. Don't be surprised if Miami comes knocking later in the process.

The Knights also landed another guy from further south in Perry Meiklejohn, a massive offensive lineman that was moves very well for a guy of his stature (he tips the scale at over 330 lbs.). Take a look at his highlights and then try to convince yourself that he won't be a solid player at the next level. He has a mean streak, a high motor, brute strength, and is surprisingly nimble.

Then there are linebackers Cody Ralston and Tommy Sanders. Ralston is beginning to pick up attention from schools like Purdue and Vanderbilt, and he expects offers from them this summer. Ralston reminds some of a young Keith Brooking, as he has solid technique and excellent closing speed. Sanders might be the steal of the class. He is a tackling machine and has been relatively unknown but now that he's committed, his film will circulate more frequently and the Knights might have to fight to keep him.

Cornelius Whitehead is another underrated recruit from Mount Dora Bible, which is less than an hour away from UCF. He is a freakish athlete from a small school who just needs to put all his tools together. ESPN has him rated at what would be a high three-star on, so expect a decent grade for him too.

What makes these five commits even more impressive is that as of now, the Knights have an estimated 13 scholarships to offer for 2010, although that number will likely go up. So that means that potentially, the Knights have already secured nearly half of their class by May.

While this class may not seem "sexy" at a first glance, the Knights have captured five players who can help out in a variety of ways. Just because these guys don't have stars next to their names right now doesn't mean that they won't at the end of the recruiting process. For now, those who doubt that the team is off to a strong start recruiting-wise just need to take a look at the film of players that have committed and it becomes pretty evident that the Knights might have grabbed some steals early on.

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