Update on UCF Prospect Darius Robinson

Last week, Darius Robinson listed UCF as one of his three favorite schools. Since that interview, Robinson has received over a half-dozen offers, all coming from BCS schools. Now with 14 scholarships, Robinson has a lot of options, so what does this mean for UCF?

Miami, North Carolina, Mississippi State, and Kentucky are just some of the schools to have recently offered Darius Robinson, a 5'11", 162 lb. corner from Westlake H.S. (GA). Several months ago, Robinson was without an offer, but now colleges are flocking to the playmaker with 4.41 speed.

"It has been a surprise," Robinson told InsideKnights.com. "First schools were coming by, asking a lot of questions and now the offers are rolling in. Miami came in and offered and that's when things picked up. I try not to get too involved with the attention; it should be all about playing football."

With this new-found attention, Robinson now has plenty of options. A week ago during an interview with USFNation.com, Robinson listed UCF as one of his three favorite schools. After the increased interest, does UCF still rank amongst Robinson's favorites?

"My top schools have changed, but UCF is still in my top five. Right now in no particular order, my top five is Miami, North Carolina, UCF, Maryland and USF."

Duke used to be in Robinson's top five, but they fell out of it after Robinson didn't necessarily enjoy his visit. Robinson has also seen the outskirts of USF and had some interesting thoughts on the area surrounding the campus.

"I got a good visualization of the school. It's a rough area around it though."

Robinson and his teammate Mike Taylor are planning on taking visits with teammates to schools all across the region, so UCF should be on their list for schools to visit.

Taylor and Robinson are both highly-touted recruits and Robinson said he'd love for the two to stick together and go to the same school.

"Mike and I are like brothers. He's actually the higher recruit, I think he has 18 offers right now. We'll likely go to the same university, but at the same time, we'd both be fine going to separate schools if we felt that different schools were better for each of us."

As of now, InsideKnights.com has no knowledge of UCF offering Taylor. However, the Knights still have made quite the impression on Robinson.

"Coach Kelly is recruiting me. He is really cool, up front and honest. He wants me to make the best decision that fits me, not him. He's a good all-around, real person."

Robinson is also familiar with UCF's reputation for producing defensive backs.

"When it comes to DBs, they produce. I know that this past year they had four defensive backs that have a shot of making it on NFL rosters."

As of now, Robinson said he's looking for playing time and a place with good academics. Robinson also wants a school where his mom would feel comfortable with him going to.

"I feel that the earlier I see the field, the better. I know UCF lost some guys, so there's a chance to play early."

With offers pouring in, the Knights will be in a dog fight with programs around the region, but UCF has already made an impression on the talented corner and he has year to visit the school. Once he gets to see Orlando, who knows how far up into the top five Robinson will climb?

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