UCF Commit Analysis: OL Perry Meiklejohn

Perry Meiklejohn is certainly UCF's biggest commitment to date and you can make the argument that he is the Knights' best as well. The massive offensive lineman can be downright dominating at times. Take a closer look at UCF's latest commit with InsideKnight.com's "Commit Analysis." This includes a player breakdown and several highlight videos.


At 6'3", 319 lbs. (probably much more than that,) Perry Meiklejohn rarely plays anyone that is bigger than him and these days, there aren't many opponents that are better than him either. The Westminster Christian School lineman (Fla.) projects as a center or guard at the next level and he has the potential to be a key clog in UCF's line for years to come.

Strengths: Size. Meiklejohn is massive and he dwarfs those who lineup opposite of him. What makes him so special is that he has quick feet and moves very well for a big guy…Meiklejohn has a bit of a mean streak. He will pancake you and then tell you what he just did. Being a little nasty is a good thing for a lineman…He is a relentless blocker. Once he gets his hands on you, it's over. Meiklejohn does a great job of constantly moving his legs…Solid agility, he will go out and get you on screens…Meiklejohn finishes blocks and doesn't let up until the whistle blows…Plays well in space and can make blocks on the second level.

His level of competition (Class 1A) is a huge concern. He rarely goes against players that rival his stature and as a result, it's difficult to determine how much of his success is base purely on size…He doesn't have a whole lot of experience pass blocking, which could mean that it will take him a little longer to adapt to the collegiate level.

How commit influences outlook of 2010:
The Knights lost out on two offensive line commitments last year, so the team will look to add a few linemen. Meiklejohn is a talented player who can be a big time force in the run game. As he gets more experience against big-time competition, the mammoth lineman should get more comfortable and can be a cornerstone for UCF's offensive line.

Meiklejohn might need to lose a little weight and put on some muscle, but it's astonishing watching this big-man move. He is extremely nimble and that combined with his aggressive nature on the field makes him a very attractive interior lineman prospect. The biggest concern about Meiklejohn is how he adapts to a higher level of competition, but once he adjusts, he should be a very good player.

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