Don't Count on Davis

After being suspended for academic reasons at Boston College, quarterback Dominique Davis has decided to transfer from the school. Davis, a Kathleen H.S. (Lakeland, FL) product, was solid as a freshman last season for the Eagles and news of his decision to transfer has gotten UCF fans talking about him moving back and playing close to home.

While the thought of adding a dual-threat quarterback with stellar potential (he has only been playing football since he was a junior in high school) has to be enticing for any program, I strongly advise UCF fans not to hold their breath.

First, Davis is not nearly talented enough to warrant the baggage that he will come with. Davis has nice upside, but a 99 quarterback rating is not really dynamic. For George O'Leary, who is known for requiring academic excellence from his players, to let a player with grade issues into his school would be rare and the player would have to be exceptional.

More importantly, bringing in another quarterback would create logjam at the position. Davis, an upcoming sophomore, would join Rob Calabrese, Joe Weatherford and Andy Slowik in their graduating class. Throw in Nico Flores, a freshman, and L.D. Crow, who will be a junior in a year when he's eligible and you have a bevy of quarterbacks.

While none of the aforementioned names have dazzled yet, Calabrese and Weatherford had very good springs and have created enough competition at the position. Would adding Davis, whose numbers were not much more impressive than Calabrese's, really help?

The Knights also have limited scholarships, so adding another quarterback who you can't red-shirt doesn't seem to be the logical move.

With that in mind, it's difficult to see UCF having much interest in Davis, although stranger things have happened. Although it wouldn't be the worst move the team could make, the program would likely be better without him. This is all with the assumption that Davis is interested in UCF, which he may not even be. In the end, I think Davis is more likely to head to USF, and the Knights will probably be better for it.

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