McCray: The Knights made us feel wanted

Earlier today, the Knights received a combined 600 lbs. of solid commits as UCF secured verbals from Justin and Jordan McCray. The two linemen are now commits number six and seven for the 2010 class and it seems that they are both happy to be Knights. See what Justin had to say about his pledge to be the latest Knight.

There were plenty of reasons why the 6'4", 300 lb. Justin McCray committed to UCF today. McCray gave the Knights his verbal, along with his twin brother, Jordan. To add to that, the two will join their brother Cliff, who recently rejoined with the Knights after taking a leave of absence last season.

The chance to play with his older brother certainly factored into Justin's decision.

"It did, I've always been five years apart from Cliff and we've always wanted to play together," Justin McCray told "He loves UCF and he knows us as people and he said that he thought we'd like it a lot."

Yes, playing with his big brother certainly heightened his thoughts on UCF and the familiarity he had with the program also inspired Justin to commit.

"The ability to play early was something that we both liked. We've known the coaches for a while too because of Cliff and we knew that they were interested in us for a while."

UCF's staff and its unwavering commitment to the McCray twins was also a large reason why the two brothers from Southridge H.S. (Miami, Fl.) decided to become Knights.

"It definitely helped. All other schools came by and said how much they like us, but they never came through with offers. When UCF saw us, they told us they liked us and came up with an offer the next day."

The McCray's received plenty of looks from other schools around the nation but only the Knights offered the massive duo. USF gave the two a verbal offer, but Justin said the Bulls never followed through.

Both brothers were recruited by coach David Kelly, who now has spearheaded the recruitment of three UCF commits. The two both felt very comfortable with the straight forward and honest styling's of UCF's receivers coach.

"He was real excited when we told him," Justin added. "He was just real happy. He's a cool guy and he was honest with us from the beginning. He told us the truth about the recruiting situation and that they weren't graduating a lot of seniors this year and that there wasn't much time."

UCF's engineering program, which ranks amongst the best in the region, was also a big pull for the McCray brothers, as each plan to be engineering majors.

McCray and their Southridge squad completed a solid spring in which Justin felt he and his brother improved drastically. After finishing 3-6 last year, the team ended its season on a high note, winning three of its last four games while having an offensive renaissance.

"We changed our offense from an I-formation to more of a spread and it really worked out for the players that we had."

When pressed if, as a lineman who spends most of his time in the trenches, he liked the change that catered to smaller players, McCray gave the perfect answer.

"Yeah I liked it because we were winning with it."

And that is the attitude UCF is getting with the Justin McCray and presumably his brother.

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