Robinson's Stock Getting Higher

Darius Robinson has been a hot commodity for schools around the nation and his stock is only getting higher. The Knights ranked high for Robinson last time talked to him, but he has collected over a half-dozen new offers since then.

The offers continue to fly in for Darius Robinson. The Westlake (Ga.) corner is up to an astounding 22 offers and by the time this story is published, he will likely gain a couple more. With more and more attention coming in for the dynamic player, where exactly do the Knights rank amongst some of the most prominent schools in the nation?

"UCF is still in my top seven," Robinson said. Along with UCF, Robinson's top schools are Maryland, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina, Stanford, West Virginia and others. UCF's Coach Kelly is one of the reasons why the Knights are so high for Robinson.

"I have a good bond with Coach Kelly, he's a reason why they are so high for me right now," added Robinson. "We talk once a week and talk just about life."

Right now, Robinson is battling the heat that Georgia natives are accustomed to in the summer during summer workouts. He said he's relishing the opportunity that comes with being a team leader, something him and fellow recruit Mike Taylor are becoming after losing some talent this past year.

"It's a great time of year to get a chance to bond with your teammates. There are a lot of players around right now and we're all getting to hang out. Me and Mike (Taylor) are trying to be leaders. A lot of guys joke around and call us superstars but we say ‘no, we're not at that level yet.' We're not letting that stuff get to our heads though."

This week, Robinson is planning on heading down to the University of Miami with Taylor and his head coach. Robinson told that Miami is a priority school for Taylor and that both players have the Hurricanes, Stanford, and UCF high on their lists. Both intend on traveling a lot this summer to get a feel for what they like in different schools.

"We'll probably try to see a few more school on our way down to Miami. I've never really been out of Georgia, except for I've been to Florida. I'm looking forward to going around the country and seeing how other people live in different places, this is a great experience."

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