Tampa Quarterback Would Like UCF's Attention

C.J. Bennett has been touring the nation looking to add more and more offers. With strong showings at several camps, the Tampa area prospect will likely get some love from some big time schools? Is UCF going to join the race? Bennett sure hopes so.

It's not often that a quarterback competing in the 5A classification in Florida throws for over 3,000 yards, 29 touchdowns and is under-recruited, but that is just the case with C.J. Bennett.

The Alonso H.S. (Tampa, Fla.) product was one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the state last year and expects great things next season.

"I'm really excited, we have a couple of guys that might be coming to the school that will make us even better," Bennett told InsideKnights.com. "I may have one of the best receiving corps in the state. We have the weapons to make a run. There's talent on both sides of the ball and I'm confident with the team."

Trying to improve on a 7-4 season, Bennett will be asked to lead his team again and he's up to the challenge.

"We will have experience this year. Just to be in a playoff game will help out. As a junior, it was different. Going into senior year, it makes every game much more special because it's your last chance. Experience with on the playoffs last year should help us get back there again."

Last season's first-round exit certainly wasn't on Bennett, who threw for 355 yards, four touchdowns and one interception versus Wharton in a 35-28 loss.

With the gaudy numbers through the season and in big time games, why hasn't Bennett picked up more offers? As of now, his only FBS offers are from Wyoming and Navy.

The quarterback, who helped lead Alonso to a victory in the 7-on-7 tournament earlier this summer (the team reportedly scored on every position he was at the helm,) said that his size might be a large reason why he is not on the national radar screen.

"If you're a football player, you're a football player; I can't change my height," said the 5'11" quarterback. "If I wasn't that size, I may not have worked as hard to get where I am now. It kind of puts a chip on my shoulder and always gives me something to prove."

Ever resilient, Bennett said he'll keep plugging away and trying to show schools that he's a prospect that they should take notice of. Bennett has one of the quickest releases you'll ever see for a high school quarterback, but he takes pride in more than just his quick release.

"I've had a lot of experience in the spread offense. I've learned from some really smart quarterbacks, so I'd say my knowledge of the game is one of my biggest positives."

Bennett will try to get a little stronger and quicker this offseason in order to better fit into spread schemes at the next level. He said he is working with a personal trainer.

While he hasn't picked up any major offers yet, Bennett feels that he is on the verge of getting offers from some BCS schools.

"I went to Connecticut and the facilities were just awesome. I performed real well up there and I might be close to getting an offer, but they said they can't offer right now during camp season."

Bennett also said that USF would be a dream school because of its location and he also liked UCF's proximity as well.

"I went to UCF for their Junior Day and for the passing camp, I loved the campus. They'd be one of my top choices if they were to offer. I haven't heard from them since the 7-on-7 camp."

What if UCF were to offer Bennett?

"I wouldn't hold a grudge at all it they offered. They'd have a huge advantage since they are so close to home."

Bennett also stated that he liked that UCF is installing some variations of the spread offense and that the school has top facilities.

"George O'Leary is building a good program, it's a great school. They are adding seats to the stadium and everything is brand new, it's real nice there."

It looks like Bennett might be sold on UCF and might just be waiting for them to be sold on him as well.

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