Hurns Loved UCF Visit talked to Allen Hurns when he first picked up an offer from UCF in early June. Since then a lot of things have changed for the talented Miami receiver. He has picked up offers from several more prominent schools and also got a chance to see UCF in person. Read on to see what Hurns thinks of his latest offers and his visit to UCF.

Central Florida was the first school to offer Allen Hurns last month. It's safe to say that the Knights have an exceptional eye for talent, as Miami and Pittsburgh followed suit soon after. FIU has also extended an offer to the Miami Carol City H.S. receiver and it's clear that he's loving all the much deserved attention.

"It feels good," said an exhausted Hurns who just finished his second practice of the day. "When I went to the Miami camp I knew I was going to get an offer because I did real good there."

For most South Florida players, an offer from Miami is a reason to jump for joy, but Hurns seemed relatively humble when talking about the offer.

"It's no big deal."

Why is Hurns nonchalant about the offer?

"I don't know too much about them," Hurns said. "They have a lot of receivers there."

Hurns expressed in a previous interview with that he was looking for a school that could offer him playing time. Hurns acknowledged that Pitt was attractive because it was graduating three seniors next year and he also said that UCF could be a place where he could contribute early on.

The ability to play early isn't the only thing that interests Hurns about UCF. He took a visit there two weekends ago and came away extremely impressed.

"I loved it, everything was new. I especially liked the dorms, they were real good. I've seen the ones at Pitt and they aren't too big. Everything [at UCF] was real nice."

Hurns said when he first got on campus he was given an academic presentation, then he ate, talked a little about football and finally met up with George O'Leary.

"He was really funny; he was cracking jokes and stuff. We had a good time."

Hurns also noted that he wasn't too impressed with his FIU offer, but was looking forward to offers from Ole Miss and Western Michigan, schools that he thinks will be offering him next.

UCF undoubtedly made an impression on the talented receiver, so much so that he's planning on coming back again.

"I'm trying to get up there for the Miami game, that should be fun," said Hurns, who said he was looking forward to the game day atmosphere UCF offers.

With an increased amount of attention, Hurns will still look to take his time and said he plans on waiting several games into his season to make a decision.

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