Sanders Still High on UCF

Tommy Sanders has seen his interest pick up since committing to UCF, but the Crisp County (Ga.) linebacker still loves UCF. Still, Sanders isn't an easy man for colleges to get a hold of, as the productive backer has gone on somewhat of a sabbatical in order to make sure that he'll be bigger, stronger and faster for his senior year and for when he's decked out in white and gold.

Remember in Rocky IV when Mr. Balboa secluded himself in the Russian mountains in order to prepare for his fight against the maniacal Soviet boxing-machine, Ivan Drago? Rocky secluded himself in a snowy and barren farmland and during the course of a traditional three-minute 80s montage, Rocky was ready to take on the gigantic Russian.

Well Tommy Sanders may not be running to the top of the mountain tops and screaming "Drago", and his isolated training is lasting more than three-minutes, but it might have the same effect as Rocky's regiment (yes, Rocky beat Drago in case you weren't familiar with the series).

The UCF commit and Crisp County (Ga.) linebacker has headed north to Tennessee to train with his uncle for the summer in order to get bigger and faster for the upcoming season.

"I got up there right after school got out and I come back the 23rd of July," Sanders told "He's working me hard, we're lifting every day. I'm not sure what I weigh but I've gotten bigger."

Sanders, who weighed 196 lbs. following his junior season, has the frame to add more weight and it's scary to think about what will happen when he puts on that extra muscle. Last year Sanders had 118 tackles and 20 sacks, so it stands to reason that if the talented backer gets even bigger that he'll see an increase in production.

While Sanders is making the best of his seclusion, he does miss his teammates.

"I want to be with them, but we talk a lot. They contact me, call me all the time, I can't wait to see them."

Sanders' contact in Tennessee hasn't been limited to just teammates. According to his parents, Sanders is regularly receiving letters in the mail.

"Yeah I've gotten more attention since I committed. My parents tell me about all the letters I'm getting. Coach Collins writes me a lot. I talked to him the other day, I called him on Sunday and we talked for a little while."

Several schools have offered Sanders after he committed to the Knights.

"Purdue has offered, so have some other schools like Central Michigan and Marshall. I don't mind visiting schools and taking a look, but UCF is still number one."

Speaking of visiting, Sanders will be taking a trip back to Orlando during the season.

"I think I'll head down for the Miami game. I was talking to Cody Ralston and he said he's going down there too."

With his time at Tennessee almost done, Sanders is ready to rejoin his teammates and try to advance his team further in the postseason.

"Our expectations are high, we're going to state this year, that's our mindset."

Lifting and getting bigger has been fun for the UCF commit, but his attitude is one that UCF coaches and fans alike have to love.

"I can't wait to get down there and smash some heads."

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