Knights Sleepers Review

Earlier this month, a staff member comprised a list of some players that could be potential surprises this year. How did these select Knights fair this summer?

Earlier this month, I comprised a list of players that had caught my eye and led me to believe that they could make some significant impacts this season after coming out of nowhere. With the summer wrapped up, I'd like to go back and breakdown how each player performed during camp.

Justin Boddie- The big corner is a player that really stuck out to me this spring and I thought he could fly up the depth chart and potentially make an impact as a starter. So far, he hasn't disappointed. Boddie has probably been the team's second most consistent defensive back after Derrick Hallman. While the junior has some room for improvement, I think he'll soften the loss of Joe Burnett. When Emery Allen returns, the two could be as good a corner tandem as Burnett and Johnell Neal were last year.

Marquee Williams- After looking extremely fluid and graceful this spring, I was expecting the receiver to burst onto the scene this summer. Williams didn't necessarily unseat anyone ahead of him, mainly because veterans like Rocky Ross, Kamar Aiken and Brian Watters had strong camps too. Williams' stock might have gone up some after Khymest Williams was lost for the season, but it's not yet clear whether he will see the field as a slot player this year or if he'll be redshirted.

Josh Linam- Officially listed as the backup middle linebacker, Linam will get plenty of action this year. Overall, he's a solid player who should only improve. With Chance Henderson out for an undisclosed period of time, Linam is playing an even bigger role because he will not have a senior lining up with him with the second string. I think Linam will get some invaluable experience this year and should be ready to start by 2010.

Jonathan Davis- Slated to play running back full time for the first time in his life, Davis is certainly raw. He didn't unseat Ronnie Weaver for the backup running position, but he did look impressive in short-yardage situations and that's where he'll make a living this year. I think he'll be a guy that steadily improves through the season, similar to what Brynn Harvey did a year ago.

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