Season Preview: Running Backs

With the season sneaking up on UCF fans, presents you with our annual Season Preview series, which consists of position breakdowns, predictions and other essential information for any Knights fan. We'll now move our focus to running backs.

Season Preview: Running Backs

Depth Chart: Brynn Harvey, Ronnie Weaver, Jonathan Davis, Brandon Davis, James Poe, Brendan Kelly, Corey Rabazinski (H-Back), Billy Giovanetti (H-Back)

Strengths: Harvey came on late last season and should be the next great UCF running back. With optimal size and cutting ability, he is similar to Kevin Smith, the most highly decorated player in UCF history…Weaver has improved greatly from last season. He is quicker, stronger and has better vision than what we saw a year ago. He has developed into a complete back…Jonathan Davis has the potential to be a very effective short-yardage runner…Kelly is a nice ‘tweener that can be an H-back/fullback type or a short-yardage guy as well. He runs with surprising quickness and is a load to take down…Rabazinski will be utilized on the line as a blocker and pass catcher, and Giovanetti looks primed to get reps as a lead back.

Weaknesses: While Harvey grew up a lot through the course of the season, it remains unknown if he can handle the load as an every-down back and the depth behind him is suspect…Weaver has looked great against second and third-team defenses, but how will he do when he comes in to spell Harvey? That's another question that must be answered…Jonathan Davis is raw. He has great ability but you can tell running back isn't a natural spot for him. He could easily progress like Harvey did last year, but he wasn't able to climb over Weaver to take the number-two job…Poe and Brandon Davis both had opportunities to unseat Weaver as well, but it didn't appear they made that leap…Giovanetti works hard but will he get out powered by better athletes on teams like Texas or Miami?

Overall: This group is on its way up. Harvey might establish himself as one of, if not the best backs in the conference this year if he holds up. The depth behind him is iffy, but Weaver has looked smooth during the spring and in summer camp. The H-backs are both blue-collar guys that will not be outworked.

Prediction: Harvey looked good at the end of last season. He looked good this spring and he looked even better this summer. With running the risk of maybe overhyping the sophomore, Harvey has NFL potential as long as he continues to progress and we'd be shocked if he doesn't continue his strong play. Look for Harvey to easily break the 1000pyard mark this season.

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