Is a Two-Quarterback System Good for UCF?

With more depth and talent at the quarterback position this season, will the Knights use a two quarterback system? goes over the merits and setbacks of using both Rob Calabrese and Brett Hodges.

With the recent emergence of Wake Forest transfer Brett Hodges, UCF offensive coordinator Charlie Taaffe has been toying with the idea of playing two quarterbacks early on in the season. UCF fans saw the Knights run a two-quarterback system without much success last year with Michael Greco and Rob Calabrese (and later Joe Weatherford). Calabrese was brought in to push Greco, and eventually stepped up as the starter.

This year, the Knights are planning on doing the same (only this time with Calabrese and Hodges), and are expecting to see more successful results.

"I would hope we can play both guys early in the season and see what they can do in the games because that's really the ultimate test.", Knights offensive coordinator Charlie Taaffe said.

Head coach George O'Leary also seems open to the idea.

"I don't get involved with one quarterback or the other. I think they all can help us win this year. Both guys, when they had their opportunity, made plays."

Why it's good:

- Rob Calabrese will be pushed by Brett Hodges to do better this year.

- Brett Hodges will have a fair chance to step up and prove whether or not he has what it takes to be a starter.

- Brett Hodges is a fifth-year Senior who has the experience and knowledge under his belt. His polish and big-game experience is something Knights lacked last year.

-This year, the offensive line is much more improved. Both quarterbacks will be well-protected.

Why it's bad:

-The offense might have a tough time getting into a rhythm with two different quarterbacks. Fans saw this last year.

- Few collegiate programs have had success running a two-quarterback system. Could the Knights be one of the few? Whatever the Knights decide to do, it will be in the best interests of the program. Both quarterbacks have looked good during the offseason and have seen time with the ones.

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