Game Balls

A 28-24 victory over Samford wasn't what UCF had planned for a coming out party against their FCS foes, but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of good to take away from the game. Inside Knights takes a look at the Knights that deserve props for their performances on Saturday.

Brynn Harvey- A lot of people expect big things from the sophomore running back this season and he didn't disappoint in the team's opener. Harvey ran for 111 yards and two touchdowns, and he regularly picked up first downs in timely situations. Harvey averaged only 3.6 yards per carry because the Bulldogs made it a point to fill the running lanes. Still, Harvey made big plays when it mattered most and that's why he's getting a game ball.

Torrell Troup- Here's one of what will likely be many game balls for the massive tackle. He had just three tackles (1.5 for a loss) but he was hustling all over the field and regularly clogged the middle to allow his linebackers to make unassisted tackles. He had a big personal foul call that probably shouldn't have been made, but other than that, he performed well.

Lawrence Young- George O'Leary said a year ago that all Young does is make plays and it's hard to argue that. The junior backer had eight tackles, three going for a loss and brought a lot of energy to the field for the Knights.

Brett Hodges- If you don't include his pick six, Hodges had a miraculous game. He went 10-of-17 and also had a touchdown after replacing Rob Calabrese in the first half. Hodges did something that no UCF quarterback has done since Kyle Israel was here; manage the game. There's a lot to be said for doing exactly what's asked of you and moving the ball consistently and that's what Hodges did.

Rocky Ross- He nearly lost his game ball when he literally lost the ball in the game. After Ross fumbled a reception five yards away from the goal line he made up for his mistakes (he also muffed a punt but recovered it) late in the game. Some big catches in the fourth quarter and some big time punt returns helped Ross become the Knights' leader in all-purpose yards, with 176. He caught five passes for 85 yards.

Cory Hogue- Say what you want about the senior linebacker, but Hogue was solid through the night. He had seven unassisted tackles (eight total) and snuffed out his share of plays close to the line of scrimmage.

Kamar Aiken- Is the sleeping giant of the conference waking up? He only had two catches, but the talented receiver made the most of his two receptions, averaging 21 yards per reception and putting the Knights in scoring position on both occasions. Aiken did drop a pass late in the fourth quarter so he still isn't where he wants to be, but Aiken is carrying over a strong summer into the season, which could be dangerous for the rest of the conference.

Quincy McDuffie- We told you the little fireball from Edgewater was fast, didn't we? He took the opening kickoff of the second half back for a score, giving UCF a much needed spark. His 95-yard score is just a sign of things to come and his presence alone on the field could impact some games

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