Behind Enemy Lines-Buffalo

To learn more about the Knights Saturday opponent, Inside Knights staff writer J.D. Bernstein collaborated with Buffalo News sportswriter Rodney McKissic. Find out what we can expect on Saturday.

Q: Last year's magical season for Buffalo was made in large part by the great play of quarterback Drew Willy. How has Zach Maynard been able to step in, and attempt to fill the large void left with Willy's departure?

A: After two games, it's been rather seamless. Maynard brings a different element under center than Willy did. Maynard can make plays with his feet and his arm, which is a lot stronger than we were led to believe. Maynard is a big-time quarterback and leader.

Q: Naaman Roosevelt is one of the best receivers in the nation what makes him so special?

A: Roosevelt has great speed and awareness. He's improved tremendously with his route running and I believe he has a bright future because of it. He's capable of making big plays every time he touches the ball.

Q: The Bulls defense struggled mightily last week against the Pitt Panthers, what do they need to improve on defense to leave Orlando with a W?

A: First, they need to find a way to stop the run which has been a problem the last few years. Second, they need to force some turnovers. The Bulls lived off turnovers last year but in their first two games, they don't have any.

Q: Turnovers plagued the Bulls last week against Pitt, other than hang onto the ball what are the keys to victory for the Bulls?

A: The Bulls have to run the ball, which has been inconsistent so far. But that isn't surprising because they don't have James Starks, who suffered a shoulder injury and will miss the remainder of the season. Starks was one of the top tailbacks in the country and he can't be replaced so easily. Junior Brandon Thermilus and senior Mario Henry have pretty much shared the position and both are capable of producing big numbers. The Bulls also have to put pressure on the QB. That was an issue last season and they have only one sack so far this season.

Q: Other than Roosevelt (#18), what numbers should the Knights look out for as playmakers?

A: (#6) Zach Maynard, (88) WR Brett Hamlin, (34) LB Justin Winters, (25) CB Domonic Cook, (7) SS Davonte Shannon, and (30) FS Mike Newton.

Q: A special ceremony is being conducted during halftime, as an apology of sorts is being issued to the members of the 1958 that were deprived a chance at a bowl due to segregation. How big is the 1958 team to the city of Buffalo/ to the University?

A: The 1958 team has been a great source of pride for UB and the city of Buffalo as well. For the last year, it's been great to hear story after story from these wonderful men about how they made a stand against racism and were united as a team.

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