UCF vs. Memphis- Game Balls

The Knights came alive late against Memphis to earn their first conference win of the year. There were several huge performances on both sides of the ball, and it's time to give game balls to the players that stepped it up for the Knights.

It was an odd night for UCF. The Knights dominated the game for the most part and won by an impressive score of 32-14. At the same time though, the score wasn't indicative of how close the game really was, as UCF was trailing Memphis late in the third quarter. Still, the Knights had several great performances to build off of.

Brynn Harvey- The running back had a performance to remember against Memphis. He had 219 yards on 42 carries and also had a touchdown. You could tell early on that he was running with authority. The offensive line game him some room and Harvey took advantage of it as he wore down Memphis' defense.

Nick Cattoi- The coaching staff worked on Cattoi's technique and tweaked some things and it paid off, as he went 4-of-4 on field goals and he also made all three extra points.

Jah Reid- You don't surpass 200 yards rushing without a little help from your offensive line and the Knights' line paved the way for Harvey. Out of all the players up front though, Reid looked the most dominant at first glance. He had some devastating blocks and dominated the right side.

Bruce Miller- Miller was due for a big game and he had it. The end had 2.5 sacks and 3.5 tackles for a loss and did what he does best, make plays, throughout the game.

Brett Hodges- After a slow start to the game, Hodges heated up in the second half. He made some key throws and managed the game to the perfection in the fourth quarter. Hodges finished 16-of-28 with two touchdowns and an interception.

Torrell Troup- Only Troup can accumulate one assisted tackle through the entire game and still warrant a game ball. Troup clogged the middle and helped clear lanes for linebackers as the Knights defense allowed just 2.6 yards per carry to Memphis. Troup also collapsed the pocket and was responsible for much of the pressure the Knights got on the opposing quarterbacks.

Derrick Hallman- The linebacker turned safety went back to linebacker for the Knights again and he had a solid performance, logging six tackles. He wasn't dominating but he was a reliable tackler and also helped stop Memphis' screen/bubble attack by getting in the passing lanes.

Jamar Newsome/A.J. Guyton- Newsome and Guyton got the starting nod over the dinged up Kamar Aiken and Rocky Ross. A message was certainly sent as the duo were extremely reliable. They combined to make nine receptions for 108 yards and touchdown. It will be difficult to unseat either of these players as starters after they caught nearly everything thrown to them. The one drop came when Guyton was hit while trying to haul in a pass on the sideline. If that's the worse drop either receiver has through the season then the Knights can certainly live with that.

Ricky Kay- After some off-field issues last offseason, Kay had been in the doghouse some, but he had a great coming out party against Memphis. The Tigers did a poor job covering the flat and Hodges regularly found his check down target. Kay had 52 yards on four receptions and a touchdown.

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