What We Learned Against Texas

The Knights traveled to Austin and left with a 35-3 thrashing at the hands of the second-ranked Texas Longhorns. Let's see how our keys to victory played out.

Keys to the Game for the Knights:

Don't get intimidated. UCF didn't appear to be intimidated by the big crowd or the 'Horns early on.

No big plays. Jordan Shipley struck for an 88-yard touchdown, as well as 44 and 53-yard connections.

Be physical/Make it ugly. The Knights were physical at the point of attack, but without any kind of diversity on offense they couldn't get anything done.

Play perfect special teams. UCF special teams was excellent. Clingan had a great day punting, Cattoi hit his only field goal attempt, and the coverage units were very good.

Play with a chip on your shoulder. UCF didn't appear to have much swagger going into the game and that could be because starting quarterback Brett Hodges was out.

What to look for:

Look for 350+ yards for Colt McCoy. McCoy breezed by that number on his way to a 33 for 42 performance for 470 yards and two touchdowns.

100+ for Fozzy. Whitaker scored a touchdown, but not much else. Five carries for three yards.

Look for a big game from Torrell Troup. Troup sucked up blocks and dominated the middle just as if he were playing against any random C-USA team.

Look for Shipley to score twice. Jordan Shipley only found the end zone once, but he finished with 11 catches for 273 yards.

Look for the opening two possessions to determine the game. We were a little off here. The Knights offense set the tone for the day as they gained just one yard on their opening series and the defense bent but didn't break.


Texas will not try any trick plays. The 'Horns attempted one unsuccessfully.

UCF will have to throw the ball to score. The Knights couldn't throw, the Knights couldn't score.

Hodges will surprise. We were certainly surprised when we found out that Brett Hodges wasn't playing.

Look for Josh Robinson to get plenty of opportunities. Robinson was targeted and held up pretty well. He grabbed his fourth interception and wasn't much of a liability.

Look for Texas to dominate. The 'Horns weren't spectacular throughout, but they didn't need to be. Overall, they are a well-rounded legitimate title contender.

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