Q & A With Coach Scott Fountain

Knights News caught up with UCF Recruiting Coordinator Scott Fountain. Coach Fountain talked about the new recruits and the needs UCF has going into spring practice.

 KN: "What positions are the coaches looking to fill?"

SF: "It has a lot to do with the shake down in the spring.  But I'm pretty sure we're looking for a tight end and offensive line or two.  And, I would think probably a corner or two.  The big thing is there is a need right now for a punter or a deep snapper.  We do have some guys on the team right now that can make it through it and we're going to give them the spring to kind of prove themselves.  That is an area we definitely, definitely looking hard for and at the walk-on punters and deep snappers."


KN: "How many walk-ons is the team planning to bring in?"

SF: "The first day of camp we can have 20 walk-ons.  When school starts, we can bring about 12 to 15 kids.  So we have a total of 30 to 32 kids as walk-ons."


KN: "You can't name names, but how many do you have?"

SF: "We got about 25 on the team right now.  We'll probably bring 12 or 15 of them back and we'll pickup about four to five new walk-ons."


KN: "Do the coaches have a plan in place on how to use Mike Walker, and is he going to have a chance to play immediately?"

SF: "One or maybe two of those (new recruits) wide receivers will have to play this year.  I would think Mike Walker and Brooks Turner probably will be one of those two guys that will be playing this year.  It hard to say, they both are talented kids and  a little bit further along and more polished than other kids."


KN: "What is your response to Steven Moffet's comment that he expected to go in and compete immediately for the starting QB position?"

SF: "Steve is that kind of guy.  He's very confident.  Steve really studies the game. I'm sure he'll come over and study our offense.  He is who he is.  He's not just a good athlete and strong.  He really wants to understand the game and learn the game."


KN: "When are you going back on the recruiting trail?"

SF: "May the 1st.  It slowed down for now until spring ball then it will start again."


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