UCF Is Going Bowling

The Knights will play a Big East opponent to be named later in the St. Pete Bowl.

UCF will not have to travel far from home this December as the Knights will go bowling in St. Petersburg. It was announced today that George O'Leary and his Knights accepted a bid to play in the St. Petersburg Bowl versus a Big East team to be named later on December 19th at 8 p.m. ET.

"We certainly look forward to coming down and spending a week in St. Petersburg," said UCF Athletic Director Keith Tribble. "I can assure you that the Knights fans will be there in droves and numbers. I hope tens of thousands of Knights fans will follow us to St. Petersburg." The Knights opted for the St. Pete Bowl for several reasons, but its location played a huge part. Orlando is only two hours away from UCF's postseason destination and the players were adamant about bowling close to home.

"It was resounding for the St. Petersburg Bowl, as far as the players and what they wanted to get done," said UCF head coach, George O'Leary. "We're just happy to stay in Florida to keep our fan base home and get lots of people over there."

The lure of a relatively easy trip should also appeal to UCF's fan base. In the Knights' previous two bowl games, UCF faithful had to travel to Tennessee and Hawaii to see their team live.

At 8-4, the Knights will offer stiff competition for one of four potential Big East teams. Rutgers, USF, Connecticut and even Pittsburgh are all possible opponents but UCF won't know its opponent until after UCONN plays USF on Saturday.

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