Spring Practice-Day One

Inside are quotes and pictures, exclusively for members only, on "Day One" of spring practice. Knights News talked to Head Coach Mike Kruczek, Tight Ends/Tackles Coach Scott Fountain, and Offensive Coordinator Robert McFarland.

Head Coach Mike Kruczek on Luther Huggins' status:

"I have no idea right now.  He's not practicing and that's the only thing that I know," said Kruczek.


On the need of a punter:

"We are.  Right now we have two guys that punted for us last year Kevin Beorlegui and Chris Kessler.  We did bring out three more guys today as a walk-on.  We are going to see how they do and give them a shot.  But we still are looking for punter for next fall.  If one these guys would step up be the guy for us this spring until I feel we're adequate enough or good enough in that position and we could possibly scholarship one other the guy.  We're still very active looking for a punter next fall."


Offensive Coordinator Robert McFarland takes on the first day of practice:

The first day was great.  We got back out there again and working with them (the players) and practicing and all it's an awesome deal to be able to work my players.  I think anytime you get to get on the field to work with them is a great opportunity.  Unfortunately, the NCAA only allows us 15 days and so just completed day one and we have 14 days left.  Only 15 times you get to work with them, during spring practice, so you better cherish each one and I cherish today for sure.


Offensive Coordinator Robert McFarland speaks to the offensive linemen


Jordan Schiegner covering a wide receiver closely


The defense has the one of its best moment 


Patrick Holland ready to tackling


Tavaris Capers caught a great pass from Ryan Schneider


Players chatting on the sideline while watching their peers taking reps

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