Q&A With Coach Kirk Speraw Part II

UCF (18-8, 10-3) continues to feature a balanced offensive attack in conference play. Despite the fact that UCF started the season with ten new faces on the team, the Knights are one of the top teams in the conference. Knights News caught up with Coach Speraw to get his opinion on the season and looking ahead to conference playoff.

Knights News: "Would you talk about the progress of this team this season."

Kirk Speraw: "I think we've matured this team and some of the things that were causing us problem early on in the year that we addressed and corrected. Although we had some good wins early in the season but maybe we weren't consistence. I think our consistency had improved. I think our defense had improved and I know our offense improved. It all happened as we get to know each other a little better. Because of all the new faces at the beginning of the year, so it taking a little time but this team accomplishes a lot already. They have a very successful season and looking to make a stretch run here."


KN: "What are the keys, in your opinion, for this team to finishing the season strong?"

KS: "We got to focus on the details and can't get looking too far down the road. We're making sure taking care of every defensive possession as it comes and taking every offense possession as it comes."


KN: "Would you tell us who has been the toughest opponent for your team this season?"

KS: "I think each and every night outing is a different challenge. We have awful enough of close games and we were fortunate to wins close games, two points games, overtime games. We loss one with Belmont at the last second shot. For the most part, every night out in this league is a challenge. You have to stay focus on the details and you have to play very good defense. Each team presents its own unique problem with match-ups and that kink of thing and you have to able to adjust from night to night."


KN: "Who has really stepped up this year for you guys that might not get a lot of publicity?"

KS: "I think Marius is the one doesn't score a lot of points doesn't do a lot of things that would jump in on the stats. sheet his all but his all-around game, desired and toughness again really set the tone for us. But everybody contributing, everybody who gets in there and getting minutes doing a nice job in contributing in their own way."


KN: "If you had been told before the season that at this point you'd be 18-8 overall and 10-3 in the A-Sun, would you have been satisfied?"

KS: "I you would say that we're in this position prior to the season I think everybody would be very happy with the results to date. Certainly, it didn't play out. We properly lost some games that we though we could done better in and yet we won some games that very, very close so it all kink of balanced out. I think our guys have to be very proud of their accomplishments to date."

KN: "Do you look into the local talents when come to recruiting?"

KS: "We've always recruited locally and within the state of Florida and go wherever we need to find players that want to play here."


KN: "Would you comment us about Dexter Lyons?"

KS: "Dexter is very competitive individual. He's a great young man. He's a great teammate and he's great to have around. He's very serious student. And he's a good basketball player. He's very versatile and cans do a lot of different things on the floor. He's improving each and every week he's getting better as the season progresses. He's a great addition to this basketball team and key ingredient to our success."


KN: "Who is the team to beat down the stretch in your opinion?"

KS: "I think any of the eight-seat get to the tournament can win the tournament. I don't think there is a whole lot of difference between the top eight teams in the conference. Anybody cans make it there going to have a good chance but I think you really have to look at troy state and mercer as the most consistence team other than ourselves throughout the conference schedule. I think you got to look at those two as being somewhat of a favorite going in."

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