Losiniecki to Visit CMU

Defensive lineman Matt Losiniecki of Waukesha (Wisc.) West High School has seen his recruiting stock rise since his record-breaking senior season came to a close. Losiniecki reports eight scholarship offers, but three schools are at the top of his list.

Matt Losiniecki has a long and distinguished resume from his work on the football field and in the classroom.

This season, the 6-foot-2, 265-pound lineman garnered first team honors on both the offensive and defensive line for Waukesha West.. Losiniecki tallied 92 tackles and 17 sacks on the defensive side of the ball.

But those statistics are only a part of what he's accomplished in four years at Waukesha West. He owns all of his school's weight room records, several track records, and is a standout player on the basketball team. Losiniecki is also very durable, having played 45 straight varsity games over four years without missing a single start.

Losiniecki's academic prowess is equally impressive. He recorded a score of 28 on the ACT and has been accepted to two Ivy League schools, including the University of Pennsylvania, one of his three finalists along with Central Michigan and Akron.

Losinecki visited Penn last weekend and said he came away impressed with what an Ivy League education has to offer.

"Penn was very nice," Losiniecki said. "Going there you really get a chance to see what the Ivy League has to offer in terms of a lifestyle and the elite academics. Penn's football team is unlike any other in the conference.

"They have won the Ivy League several times and the football players are there to play ball," Losiniecki added. "They are there to win games. It's not like a club thing for them. They take it very seriously."

Losiniecki plans to take an official visit to CMU this weekend (Jan. 14-16). It won't be the first time Losiniecki has been to Mt. Pleasant.

"I visited Central Michigan over the summer unofficially and really liked the coaches and the facilities," he said. "The facilities are really top notch at CMU, very impressive.

"When it comes to CMU, I really like the coaches and everything," Losiniecki added. Coach Tim Doust and (head coach) Dan Enos have been up to see me and they are great, great guys. I am going to be very excited to get on campus this Friday and see all the players and my fellow recruits."

Losinieck reports eight scholarship offers, including CMU, Akron and Army, as well as preferred walk-on offers from Wisconsin and Michigan State. Losiniecki said the schools are recruiting him to play defensive line. Specifically, Losiniecki would love to play defensive end.

"I think I'm better on the defensive line than the offensive line," Losiniecki said. "I had 92 tackles, 17 sacks, 22 tackles for-a-loss which I think will project well in college. I would really love to play rush end if it was up to me.

"Central sees me as a defensive end and I am happy about that," Losiniecki added. "I think Coach Doust said I might play defensive tackle. If coaches want me to play offensive line, it doesn't matter, I will do whatever it takes to get on the field."

Even though the Chippewas have had success with Wisconsin recruits in the past, such as Brian Brunner, Nick Bellore and Jake Olson, the number of "Cheeseheads" on CMU's roster will not have an effect on Losiniecki's final decision.

"I am just looking for the best opportunity.," Losiniecki said. "Going up (to CMU) this weekend will be about meeting players, coaches, and everybody else and it doesn't really matter where they are from."

Distance is not a factor for Losiniecki either.

"If I went to Carroll University in Waukesha [Wisc.] my mom understands that I wouldn't be able to see her just as if I was at Columbia University in New York City," Losiniecki said. "Football is a full time job. Obviously, my parents would like to be able to see all of my games and being closer would make that a little easier, but again, I am looking for the best opportunity regardless of distance from home."

Losiniecki said he plans to make his college choice some time after Jan. 21. He added that his current top three schools are Akron, CMU and Penn, with no clear favorite among the three.

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