Commit Analysis: Shahid Bellamy

Last week Oak Park (Mich.) defensive tackle Shahid Bellamy became the 2nd player to commit to Central Michigan in as many days. Find out how the junior DT grades out here.

Name: Shahid Bellamy

Ht/Wt: 6'3" / 265 lbs.

Location: Oak Park (Mich.)

Class: 2015

Offers: Central Michigan Ranking: n/a

My ranking: 3-Star (75.5 / 100)

Size: 7.5

While Shahid Bellamy has moved around the defensive line for Oak Park, even chipping in on the offensive line as well, his offer from Central Michigan is at the three-tech. At 6-foot-3 and 265 lbs., Bellamy has the necessary size to fend off blockers in run or pass support while remaining agile enough to pose a threat off the edge in stunts. He could serve to add weight and solidify his foundation, which will likely need to happen before he cracks the lineup.

Frame: 7

As stated, Bellamy measures in at 6-foot-3, creating a long body to spread his weight across. This allows for Bellamy to stay lean at 265 lbs., but also the flexibility to support additional mass as he continues to develop. Look for Bellamy to continue to grow heading into his senior season and he serves to benefit from the support of a college weight training program. Once these changes are underway, Bellamy will realize his potential at the three-tech.

Athleticism: 8

Playing both sides of the ball attests to Bellamy's versatility and this is largely in part due to his athleticism. For a prospect of his size, Bellamy moves very well and gains a head of steam quickly. On offense he is a punishing downfield blocker and has shown the ability to pull. This is also apparent on defense as he jumps into gaps quickly, using rapid leg turnover and drive to reach the backfield quickly.

First step: 8.5

Perhaps the most heralded aspect of Bellamy's game at this point is his first step at the line of scrimmage. Few players get off the line quicker than Bellamy, a skill which he takes advantage of as he frequently forces offensive lineman onto their heels before reaching the backfield. Bellamy's first step has been described as electric at times and this is an accurate assessment after several camp performances this offseason.

Point of attack: 8

One very encouraging part of Bellamy's game is his success at the point of attack. Once engaged, Bellamy rarely loses reps thanks to a highly refined technique. Bellamy gains good leverage before initiating contact with his opponent, obtaining low ground and uses it to his advantage often. Once engaged, Bellamy continues to accelerate through his man and finishes his blocks strong.

Hands: 6

This is perhaps the area of Bellamy's game that needs the most attention. Because he is still developing a reliable and effective swim move, Bellamy could serve to work on his repertoire of moves. He does uses his hands with power though, which is indicative of potential for improvement.

Strength: 8

Bellamy closes well and uses his force to drive through players which leads to pancakes on offense and powerful hits on defense. Bellamy has seen much success with reps in 1-on-1s on the camp circuit this offseason as a testament to his applied strength at the three-tech position.

Pass Rush: 7

Bellamy typically benefits from gaps in the offensive line's protection, but he does have an array of pass rush moves as well, his most effective being the spin move. Shahid baits his defender into picking an angle before spinning across his body and into the backfield. This move will need to add company before he becomes a considerable pass rushing threat at the next level.

Motor: 7.5

On par with the necessary criteria to play Division One football, Bellamy shows drive and maintains a high motor for his position. Shahid plays with a sense of urgency as he consistently follows the football until the whistle blows. This work ethic is becoming of a quality prospect.

Block shedding: 8

One aspect of Bellamy's game that has been instrumental in creating tackles for loss over the past year has been his ability to shed blocks. Bellamy's combination of wingspan and strength help to fight off blockers as he is rarely tangled up and engaged. This allows for Shahid to occupy multiple gaps at once, helping to seal off running lanes in the trenches.

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