Henry Taking Official Visits

Lineman Kevin Henry of Morris (Ill.) High School is still committed to Central Michigan University, but in the midst of the coaching change, has decided to take a couple official visits to other schools. He talked about the latest in his recruitment with Chippewas Insider.

How strong is 6-foot-5, 275-pound Kevin Henry's interest in CMU?

While he admits he is taking trips to other schools, he is fresh off a 2,000 mile trip to see Central Michigan play Troy in the GMAC Bowl. I recently caught up with Henry to ask him about coaching changes, his trip to the GMAC Bowl and his visits to other schools.

Kyle Warber: What was the best part of the trip to Mobile?

Kevin Henry: Just watching the game…it was a thrilling a game. Being able to go to the locker room afterwards and watch them celebrate.

Warber: When CMU got smacked in the mouth in the first two quarters did you start to wonder if it wouldn't be there night?

Henry: I didn't think they were going to lose, I knew what they were capable of. I knew that CMU was just going to turn it on.

Warber: What is your current status with CMU?

Henry: I am still committed to CMU. I think it's the best option for me to consider other options, It just gives me something to compare to CMU when I go on these officials.

Warber: Dan Enos was just selected CMU's head coach over Mike Bajakian, any thoughts?

Henry: I do know Mike Bajakian. I thought he was a real high class guy and a good coach. I don't know Dan Enos.

Warber: What are you looking for in a head coach?

Henry: Really just someone who is going to be able to keep the program going and relate really well to the players.

Warber: Has the Chippewas' winning given you some swagger at your high school? Has it put you in a position where you can tell your friends you're going to CMU and they know exactly what CMU is having seen the Chippewas on TV?

Henry: I guess so, CMU is where I wanted to go. Now a whole bunch of people come up to me and say they saw CMU on TV. Four years ago they wouldn't have known.

Warber: You just got back from a visit to Northern Illinois, how did it go?

Henry: That trip went really well. It was the first official visit I have been on.

Warber: How were the NIU coaches selling the program to you?

Henry: They just wanted me to know that there is still interest in me and they are going to respect the decision I make. They were really classy when it came to that.

Warber: What was the best part about NIU?

Henry: I thought it was really cool, how players were so close, everybody was each others friend.

Warber: Right now you are tearing it up on the basketball court, did you ever give a thought to playing another sport in college?

Henry: I play baseball, but I am not going to play this year. D-III basketball schools showed some interest in me as a basketball player. If I worked enough at it I think I could play any sport in college.

Warber: What is your football training regimen like and when are you going to kick it into high gear?

Henry: I plan to be football ready for the fall. Ever since I have been in 5th grade I have been non-stop, it's been hard not get as strong as you want. My uncle does professional bodybuilding stuff. He put something together for me.

Warber: Who is stronger, you or your Uncle?

Henry: My uncle has me by far.

Warber: What's your weight now and what do you plan to be when you arrive on campus?

Henry: I was up to 275 by the end the football season. Now I stand to lose 10–15 pounds by the time basketball season ends. When I finally get the chance to focus on just one sport (football) it should give my body a chance to mature.

Warber: What position would you rather play, defensive end or defensive tackle?

Henry: I am happy to play anywhere for the team. I really enjoy defensive end but I played defensive tackle this year.

Warber: What school is next on the "Kevin Henry college football tour?"

Henry: I am heading to Akron next week (Jan. 16), then I am visiting Central Michigan for my final visit the week after that.

With national signing day about three weeks away it could very well come down to new CMU head coach Dan Enos and Kevin Henry meeting one-on-one to seal the deal for the Chippewas. As Henry said, that meeting is going down when Henry visits CMU Jan. 23.

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