Colvin Talks Recruiting, CMU Visit

Zach Colvin, a 6-foot-4, 255-pound defensive end from Minooka (Ill.) High School has visited Central Michigan University twice, including most recently this past weekend. Colvin provided Chippewas Insider with an update on his recruitment.

Minooka (Ill.) High School defensive end Zach Colvin is a wanted man.

With offers from Central Michigan, Air Force, Ball State, Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, Memphis and Wyoming, and heavy interest from Michigan State and Illinois, the recruiting battle for Colvin is in full-swing.

Kyle Warber: There has been some confusion on the status of your Illinois offer. The latest version I heard was that the Illini offer had been pulled after another recruit committed at your position. What is your standing with Ron Zook and company?

Zach Colvin: They (Illinois) had to pull it because Chris O' Conner committed and they had their five technique defensive end. If it comes down to it Illinois will re-offer me. If they can't get some of the guys they are looking for to keep their commitments I am the first on their list.

KW: With such a high profile I'm surprised Northwestern hasn't offered you.

ZC: I camped there. They told me they really like me, but it was another situation where they had the guys they wanted already.

KW: Players with your height and athleticism sometimes start at defensive end but end up on the offensive line or at defensive tackle. Where do you see yourself in college?

ZC: I've been told that I could play defensive end, defensive tackle, offensive tackle or tight end, but I see myself playing as a defensive end in college.

KW: Do you like holding down the edge of the line or just pass rushing the quarterback?

ZC: I like bringing the heat off the edge and hitting the quarterback.

KW: Central Michigan has been the latest school to heavily court you. How did your most recent visit go?

ZC: Good. I actually visited there Saturday (July 31). My dad's friend flew us up there in his plane. My mom came up with me as well. They liked Central Michigan's coaches, assistants and facilities a lot.

KW: How hard is Central Michigan recruiting you?

ZC: They're recruiting me very hard. I try to speak with the coaches on a daily basis. As far as them (CMU) recruiting a defensive end, they have told me it has come down to me and another kid. And the first one to commit, that is the guy they are going to take.

KW: Do you have a top three?

ZC: I would kind of go with Central Michigan, Northern Illinois and Ball State as the schools I am looking at right now. Of course, Illinois could come back in the picture at any moment and Michigan State is also involved.

KW: I understand that your family has some connection to the state of Michigan?

ZC: My grandfather played three years at Michigan State. My dad went to MSU to get his degree, so yeah, there's a strong family connection to the state.

KW: If you commit to Illinois or Central Michigan, is your Dad going to be the guy with the two half jerseys sewn together…one that says your school on one side and another side that is for Michigan State?

ZC: (laughs) He's going to have to go with wherever his son commits. This actually came up before when he worked at a rival conference, but he still rooted for Minooka (High School).

KW: Describe your best play in your three seasons at Minooka. Do you have that one play where everything went quiet, you couldn't hear anything and you just made an incredible play you will remember the rest of your life?

ZC: There was this play that really sticks out to me. My coach (Bert Kooi) has been coaching at Minooka for six years and he hasn't made the playoffs during his tenure. So, we were playing Plainfield South, a big rival of ours, and there we were, and the score was 7-7. Plainfield South was on our 30 with two minutes left and they were driving, they were close to scoring. On 4th down, I beat the tackle and sacked the quarterback to clinch the game.

KW: I guess that's what they call a "fist pump moment."

ZC: Oh yeah, The adrenaline was really pumping.

KW: This is kind of off topic, but maybe you know Central Michigan's recent linebacker commit Cody Lopez. He is up at Plainfield (Ill.) North.

ZC: Yeah I know Cody. His mom is actually the secretary for my Dad. He (Cody Lopez) actually called me up the other day and was saying how cool the Chips were and how they really need me to complete this great class.

KW: (joking) I see Coach Enos made a messenger out of him too.

ZC: (laughs) Yeah.

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